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18017Ladies Against Women and the Phyllis Schafley Appearance2/18/19860:08:00N182CCTV
18126Midwinter Muse Poetry- Youth Poet Margo Andrews 2/22/19860:00:55N175CCTV
18168Pledge of Resistance, Jaan Laaspere3/9/19860:02:55N181CCTV
17962Hand Dove- Royce Dendler's Flexible Plastic Peace Doves1/1/19860:06:00NE41CCTV
17961Kay's Story- Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA)1/1/19860:05:50N CCTV
18214Kinvara, Irish Folk Music Ensemble9/15/19860:02:50N107CCTV
18160Marvin Fishman Exposure of Leacock & Citizens for America3/28/198622:10N196, 185, 190CCTV
20116Midwinter Muse Poetry- Stephen Heller and Stephanie Smith2/22/19860:05:15N175CCTV

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