Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This Is You! E47

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AE47E47123210Burlington This Is You! E47XP5/14/19861:00:25 
AE47E4718448Essex Jct. Ice Show X4, InterspersedXP3/29/19860:04:00195, 196
AE47E4717988MS Dancathon FundraiserXP3/16/19860:13:45186
AE47E4718282Cheney Coffee SongXP2/6/19860:02:00163, 156, 157
AE47E4717963MYO Director Jane Driscoll Speaks About Libya Bombing & KidsXP4/18/19860:03:45211
AE47E4718208Folk-Kids on the MarketplaceXP3/29/19860:04:15195
AE47E4717609Margaret Randall Reads Her PoetryXP2/21/19860:07:00179, 174
AE47E4718565Leahy & Ross Answer Qs re: Space program & Tokyo Summit XP5/5/19860:07:15215
AE47E4718169Goodbye Dance at the Guatemalan Sanctuary XP3/26/19860:02:30195
AE47E4718124Festival of Jewish Culture (dub)XP4/13/19860:07:00210

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