Burlington's Municipal Programming: Burlington's Municipal Programming, E211

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AE211E21116701Friday Night TV, Burlington Mayoral Candidates, E211-SLPSLP12/9/19882:34:00 
E211E21116696Rick Sharp for Burlington MayorSLP11/29/19880:25:00 
E211E21116695Bill Aswad for Burlington MayorSLP11/28/19880:41:00 
E211E21119765Peter Clavelle Announces Mayoral CandidacySLP11/29/19880:34:00 
E211E21116701Ed Bickford for Burlington MayorSLP11/14/19880:26:00 
E211E21116697Nancy Chioffi for Burlington MayorSLP12/15/19880:19:00 
AE211-XPE45116905Cross Currents on Nicaragua's Miskito CoastXP11/9/19880:26:00 
AE211-XPE21116701Ed Bickford for Burlington MayorXP11/14/19880:26:00 
AE211-XP-1E21116697Nancy Chioffi for Burlington MayorXP12/15/19880:19:00 
AE211-XP1E21116951Sanders' Press Conf. with Don Bessler re: Parks & Rec Winter XP12/21/19880:20:00 
AE211-XP1E21116696Rick Sharp for Burlington MayorXP11/29/19880:23:00 
AE211-XP2E21116695Bill Aswad for Burlington MayorXP11/28/19880:41:00 

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