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Last week the Governor announced the appointment of the first “Racial Equity Executive Director” in Vermont history. This long awaited appointment is the latest step in the implementation of Act 9 (2018), a bill that created a panel and this Executive Director “to identify and work to eradicate systemic racism within State government.” On a sprint to grow the economy, it has become increasingly clear that if the economy of Vermont is to grow, so too must the racial demographic shift to reflect our nation. But getting black and brown folks to Vermont is only half the issue. How do we create an environment in which they will want to stay?

With a greater Burlington population of nearly half of the state, as goes Burlington, so goes Vermont. What is Burlington doing to accept this challenge? Are similar strategies in play to reflect what is happening at a statewide level? How are the diversity, equity and inclusion strategies in Burlington addressing this challenge? All eyes are on Burlington as the stakes are raised on the future of Vermont. 

Host Mark Hughes chats with Henri Sparks, Director of Equity and Safe Inclusive Schools with the Burlington School District, to find out where we are on one of the biggest challenges facing the state, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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