CCTV's Friday Night Television: The Last and Best of Friday Night TV, E123

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AE123  The Last and Best of Friday Night Television, E123SLP10/2/19872:42:00   
AE123E12316397Handicapped Pedestrian Rights on City Streets – Jane McDougal SLP09/18/87:00:23   
AE123E12316398Vermont Storytelling Festival PSA- Peter Burns, Jennings, Leavitt 09/23/87:01:23   
AE123E12317623VSO Show Intro – Parachutist, Zimmy Birth Announce, Sandcastles 09/06/86:07:30   
AE123E12317577Royce Dendler Awakens to the Opportunities of Public Access TV 06/26/87:01:55   
AE123E123138804The First Project Self-Sufficiency Graduation  11/07/87:07:00    
AE123E12317597Pete Seeger Sings “Owimowe” 10/16/96:02:07   
AE123E123150681Circus Smirkus, 7 minute Edit 009/25/87:07:00    
AE123E12317580Little Joyce & the Sensations with Don Sidney at Hunt's Supper Club 5/11/1986:02:00    
AE123E12317651Beneath the Bleedin' Pier 03/13/87:07:00    
AE123E12319632Tomkin Home, Tenant/Landlord Dispute 04/03/87:11:00   
AE123E123109728Allen Ginsberg Poem: “Arguments” 02/21/86:00:46    
AE123E12316234Lyndonville Circus Smirkus – “Blowing Bubbles” 09/25/87:05:00    
AE123E12317490Paradise New Orleans Trip Presentation  6/26/1987:05:00 NE2, 373CCTV
AE123E12389411Tim Jennings - “Ham and Eggs” in Shelburne 09/21/85:01:35    
AE123E12392978Montreal Storytellers Coming to Town, Peter Burns' PSA 06/20/87:02:10   
AE123E123 4 Other PSAs  :02:00   
AE123E12318166MAC-V, Humanitarian Aid for Sandinista Soldiers 11/12/85:05:00    
AE123E12317649Tomas Azarian's Cranky Show - Mr. Jack Rabbit 02/04/87:05:00    
AE123E12317659Political Comment by Peggy Luhrs: "The Tight Fist" 01/18/87:40   
AE123E123113602 Peter Burns Pancake Stories 11/08/87:07:00    
AE123E12317940“A Feeling Inside” Music Video 01/01/86:04:00   
AE123E12317565CCTV's Nat Ayer Protests Commercial Ads on Access TV 06/26/87:04:00   
AE123E12316380Country Joe McDonald Song - “Combat Nurse” 8/6/1987:06:00   
AE123E123 Strange Little Ch. 15 Logo, Music, then LGD Voiceless Talk/Smile  :20   
AE123E12317365Fletcher Free Library PSA - “Read and Take Off” 3/27/1987:30    
AE123E12317376National Public Works Week PSA 04/24/87:30    
AE123E12316401CEDO's New HIP PSA (Home Improvement Program)  12/30/86:30    
AE123E12319649Choc. & Jazz Fest. - Women Helping Battered Women Benefit 05/21/86:06:00    
AE123E12317424B.Y.E.P. Press Conference and Open House, 24 Front St. 01/24/87:07:50    
AE123E123150935John Douglas's Computer Animation Art 09/01/87:01:00   
AE123E12316805US Senate Agriculture Cmte. Hearing, With NY Farmer Interview 07/27/87:06:00    
AE123E12312532Mac Parker Storytelling - “Turds” 06/18/87:03:00    
AE123E12316249Ronan Murphy Eulogy for Fellow Irishman Dennis Scanlon 01/25/87:01:30   
AE123E12316384Nancy Beavan Song from Battery Park Concert 07/16/87:01:15   
AE123E12317642Mac Parker Storytelling - “The Giving War” 06/18/87:08:30    
AE123E12317446Making of Paradise Project Auction PSA 11/16/1986:03:00    
AE123E12317411"Women at Work" - Local Tradeswomen and Women in the Trades 03/01/86:21:00   
AE123E123150396Young Artists Recital - Kelly Collins Plays Mozart on Piano 05/06/86:05:30    

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