Mayor Sanders' Re-Election Night Victory Party and News Items

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Sanders' Election Night Victory Party -  Freyne. Terry B.. Tom Smith. Jim Schumacher. Glenn Russell. Jane Sanders. Levi. Camera guy (you're not!!!)??. Mark Johnson. And mic.  Rachel Levin. Ilona. Linda Ayer and cake. Fiermontel. Mike Monte. Jim Schumacher. Leopold. DeCarolis. Rik and Sherrill Musty. Magdoff. Lackowski. Sue Trainor. Kemp. Bob Scott. Jim Dunn. Knotts. Frank Hewitt. Wendy Coe. Gene Bergman. Franco.  Sampson. Amy Wright. Huck Gutman.  Thabault. Alan Hunt. Bushor. Rader. Lowy. CHC director woman?

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