No One is Illegal: The Case for Open Borders

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Trump’s insane and cruel war on immigrants has come to Vermont with a vengeance targeting immigrant community leaders and activists to intimidate isolate and marginalize our immigrant communities. The abductions in Vermont have matched the administration’s policy across the country targeting sanctuary cities and regions where immigrant communities have been able to fight back against the mass deportations of the past two presidential administrations.
The limited debate between Democrats and Republicans has been restricted to how many immigrants should be deported and how long the border wall should be. It hasn’t always been this way. In 2006 when immigrants took to the streets in mass strikes against deportations a movement was born with slogans like “No one is illegal!” and “Amnesty now!”
Their plan is to terrorize immigrants into being a silent and marginalized workforce able to be shipped out whenever these workers demand better wages, hours or conditions. As socialists we argue for open borders and free international movement for all workers.
Join a discussion with the International Socialist Organization on how we can defend immigrant communities from Trump’s raids and win a world where immigrants and all workers can live, work and organize freely without artificial boundaries separating and terrorizing us.
Speaker: Todd Chretien is a member of the International Socialist Organization, and a frequent contributor to Socialist Worker and the International Socialist Review. Todd has written extensively on Latin American politics. He is also the editor of State and Revolution by V. Lenin and Eye Witnesses to the Russian Revolution anthology (Haymarket Books, forthcoming).
Lafayette Hall, room 403, UVM Campus
94 University Place 
Burlington, VT

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