For the Animals: Senator Vince Illuzzi and Animal Issues in Vermont

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A discussion with Vince Illuzzi about various bills that were successfully passed, in large part to Senator Illuzzi's dedication and attention to these animal issues in Vermont. 1) Title 13, Chapter 8 #3 1/2 yr effort to update, clarify and redefine Vermont's animal protection laws 2) Rabies vaccination changed from 2 to 3 year period ~ better for the health of the animal and cost to care giver. 3) Prohibition of online Internet Hunting 4) Inclusion of animals in a Relief from Abuse Court Order, which protects animals involved in volatile domestic relationships 5) Inclusion of animals during evacuations following natural disasters 6) Inclusion of animals in the municipal ticketing system which enables law enforcement to address certain violations of our animal welfare statute civilly versus criminally. 7) Student Choice for Dissection 8) Creation of the VT Spay Neuter Incentive Program( VSNIP). For more information, please contact VVSA. If you want a copy of this program, please contact CATV.



1 Wednesday February 3, 2010 at 4:00 PM



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