South Burlington City Council

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Agenda Items

  1. Welcome - 0:00
  2. Agenda - 0:05
  3. Public Forum - 0:26
  4. Announcements and City Manager's Report. - 16:50
  5. Consent Agenda - 22:59
  6. Discuss and possibly approve Common Roots Lease Agreements for the Wheeler & Underwood Property – Carol McQuillen, Common Roots - 34:03
  7. Annual update from Green Mountain Transit - Jon Moore, General Manager - 58:00
  8. Annual update from the Winooski Valley Park District - Nick Warner, Executive Directo - 77:15
  9. to School Resource Officers, bias and other training, and policy at the Police Department, Shawn Burke, ChiefBriefing on matters related - 92:30
  10. Receive proposed amendments to Land Development Regulations #LDR-17-13A, LDR17-13B, LDR-19-06, and LDR-20-18A from Planning Commission; consider warning public hearing on same - Paul Conner - 127:55
  11. Update on the status of the Kimball/Marshall Avenue Bridge - Justin Rabidoux, Director of the Department of Public Works - 142:05
  12. Update of the status of the construction of a Dog Park – Justin Rabidoux, Director of the Department of Public Works - 150:25
  13. Update on Dorset Street traffic signals - Justin Rabidoux, Director of the Department of Public Works - 152:45
  14. Discuss and possibly approve Position Posting for City Manager - 159:55
  15. Award Audio-Visual bid for 180 Market Street - Ilona Blanchard, Director of Community Development - 162:14
  16. October Financials - Tom Hubbard, Deputy Manager - 170:02
  17. Reports from Councilors on Committee assignments - 173:45
  18. Other business - 174:35
  19. Adjourn - 182:10

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The South Burlington City Council is meeting online via GoToMeeting.

Check the City's website for updated information, agendas, and how to join the meetings remotely:

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1 Sunday November 22, 2020 at 8:00 PM
2 Monday November 23, 2020 at 1:00 AM
3 Monday November 23, 2020 at 7:00 AM


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