Common Good Vermont: Worklife Balance: Integrate Renewal into Your Busy Day

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Susan believes that “balance” is a misnomer for what most of us are seeking in life: instead, she’s a fan of what some have called work-life integration.  The idea is to craft ways of integrating your major activities so that your work enriches the development your mind, body and spirit in ways that serve your personal growth; and reciprocally, so that your personal life energizes and propels your work. The goal, then, becomes generating a virtuous cycle of renewal as opposed to “managing” competing demands.  We’ll discuss with Susan some recommended strategies for promoting our integration and renewal, including the practice of spending an hour every day – combined – attending playfully to our bodies, our creativity, and our spirit (i.e. connecting with someone or something larger than ourselves).   

Susan_Palmer Head Shot - SquareSusan Palmer is an international leadership coach and consultant who specializes in helping change agents increase the potency of their authentic presence in order to achieve more of the results they seek for themselves, their teams and organizations.  She is the author of Seasons of Leadership: A Self-Coaching Guide, a handbook with essays and coaching questions that explores how the cycle of leadership mirrors the cycle of the seasons

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