Burlington City Market The Dish: A Series For Inquisitive Eaters



City Market and the Intervale Center have teamed up to create an exploratory series called The Dish. With support from ArtsRiot, they host quarterly panel discussions that dive into hot food issues with the help of local experts.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-03-04
Format: 2021-03-04
Going with the Grain - 04/26/2017
As Vermont's local food culture becomes more entrenched and increasingly mainstream, many farmers are looking to grow staple crops such as wheat, oats, rye, spelt, and dry corn. Many of these cultivars flourished in the northeast in centuries...
Vermont Culinary Traditions - 02/22/2017
Vermont is nationally known for its strong food and farm heritage, dating back thousands of years. In this Dish discussion, we’ll explore the ways that our production of dairy products, maple syrup, and fruits and vegetables are similar to...
Food Waste - 12/07/2016
Food waste is a buzzword these days. From buying “ugly” fruits and vegetables to industrial composting, food waste has become both a household and large scale topic.  What policies already exist, or should exist, to help mitigate...
Farming in the Time of Climate Change - 04/27/2016
Vermont’s weather is evolving in wild, unpredictable ways. Long-term meteorological trends show the state becoming warmer and wetter. How will farmers adapt to the environmental upheaval and keep food growing through fast-shifting weather...
Local is Accessible? - 11/04/2015
“Local” is a popular buzzword in our food system, but even if food is grown locally, does that mean it’s more accessible? According to US Census data, 13% of Vermont households are food insecure, meaning they don’t have...
Restorative Agriculture - 09/16/2015
“Fertile soil helps create nourishing food and, in turn, healthy people and robust communities.” According to Farmers without Borders, regenerative agriculture is any kind of farming that enables the restorative capacity of the earth,...
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and State Regulations - 05/21/2014
City Market and the Intervale present a panel on GMOs and State regulations. 
Local Meat - 03/19/2014
City Market and the Intervale present a panel on local meat production and consumption.  Panelists include Sam Smith, Intervale; Sam Fuller, NOFA VT; Bruce Henessy, Maple Wind Farm; and Frank Pace, Guild Fine Meats.