Burlington Mayor's Show



Mayor Miro Weinberger hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-07-20
Format: 2019-07-20
City Issues and Burlington Telecom - 10/28/2009
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss takes calls from the public on the Burlington Telecom issue.
Roads, Paving & other DPW Projects - 09/23/2009
The Mayor is joined by Director of the Department of Public Works, Steve Goodkind to discuss Burlington Road Paving Program and 'dirty water' issues.
Pandemic Preparedness - 08/26/2009
Host Joe Reinert, Assistant to the Mayor, fills in for Mayor Bob Kiss in a discussion on 'local pandemic preparedness'.
Burlington International Waterfront Festival/Quadricentennial Celebration - 06/24/2009
Mayor Bob Kiss speaks with Doreen Kraft, Director of City Arts, and Jay Craven, producer of the Burlington International Waterfront Festival/Quadricentennial Celebration, about the Festival.Burlington International Waterfront Festival Office 90...
AMERICORPS*State Program - 09/24/2008
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts Beth Truzansky, Community & Neighborhood Services Center, and Sara Martinez de Osaba, AMERICORPS*State Team Leader on the AMERICORPS Program and takes viewer calls. www.ci.burlington.vt.us/mayor
Senior Centers - 08/27/2008
Description of facilities, services, history and challanges facing the Heineberg and Champlain Senior Centers in Burlington, VT.Bob Kiss hosts
Legacy Project - 07/23/2008
Mayor Bob Kiss and Guest: Jennifer Green, Co-Coordinator, Legacy Project. More info: www.cedo.ci.burlington.vt.us/legacy
City Issues - 06/25/2008
Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian talks with Mayor Bob Kiss (P) Burlington about current city issues. Check City of Burlington's website here.

Featured Story

PEG TV Summer Study Committee Meets to Discuss Potential Funding Sources

On June 20th, Governor Phil Scott signed the Broadband Bill - now Act 79 of 2019 - in Dover, Vermont. This new law aims to expand access to broadband services and also includes a Study Committee that will consider issues related to the future availability and funding of Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access television.


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