Burlington Mayor's Show



Mayor Miro Weinberger hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-09-16
Format: 2019-09-16
Legacy Project - 07/23/2008
Mayor Bob Kiss and Guest: Jennifer Green, Co-Coordinator, Legacy Project. More info: www.cedo.ci.burlington.vt.us/legacy
City Issues - 06/25/2008
Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian talks with Mayor Bob Kiss (P) Burlington about current city issues. Check City of Burlington's website here.
City Affairs - 04/23/2008
Host: Sam Mayfield (Channel 17) and Mayor Bob Kiss (P) Burlington
Street Maintenance - 03/26/2008
Mayor Bob Kiss's monthly program talks potholes with Burlington Public Works Director Steve Goodkind. For more info: jreinert [at] ci [dot] burlington [dot] vt [dot] us and sgoodkind [at] ci [dot] burlington [dot] vt [dot] us
Ballot Items - 02/27/2008
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues. Todays Sam Mayfield talks with Mayor Bob Kiss about the Burlington ballot items.
Burlington Electric Bond Ballot Item - 01/29/2008
Mayor Bob Kiss, Barb Grimes, General Manager, Burlington Electric Department and John Irving, Manager, McNeil Generating Plant, discuss Burlington Electric Department Bond Vote.
Moran Plant Proposal - 11/28/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss Kirsten Merriman-Shapiro, Special Projects Manager, CEDO Nancy Wood, Executive Director, Burlington Business Association Megan Epler Wood, Partner, Native Energy Travel Offsets
Moran Plant Proposal - 10/24/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss Kristen Merriman-Shapiro, Special Projects Manager (CEDO) Cleary Buckley, Member, Moran Citizen’s Advisory Group
Transportation Plan - 09/26/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Burlington Mayor's Show - 08/29/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Code Enforcement - 07/25/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
General City Affairs - 06/27/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Livable Community, AARP - 05/23/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Lake Champlain Housing Trust - 04/25/2007
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts

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