Burlington Mayor's Show



Mayor Miro Weinberger hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-07-18
Format: 2019-07-18
Burlington Telecom - 11/29/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Domestic Violence Month - 10/25/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Intervale Sale - 09/27/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Bike & Pedestrian Safety - 08/23/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Burlington Mayor's Show - 07/26/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Burlington Mayor's Show - 06/28/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Burlington Mayor's Show - 05/24/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts
Bob Kiss' First Live Show - 04/26/2006
Mayor Bob Kiss hosts his first live show
Peter Clavelle's Last Live Show - 03/22/2006
Peter Clavelle's Last Live Show
Clavelle & Monte - 12/28/2005
Clavelle & Monte
Burlington Mayor's Show - 05/10/2005
Burlington Mayor's Show Mayor Peter Clavelle takes calls live to discuss his role as mayor.

Featured Story

PEG TV Summer Study Committee Meets to Discuss Potential Funding Sources

On June 20th, Governor Phil Scott signed the Broadband Bill - now Act 79 of 2019 - in Dover, Vermont. This new law aims to expand access to broadband services and also includes a Study Committee that will consider issues related to the future availability and funding of Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access television.


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