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School Board members, administrators and community members discuss issues and topics of the District.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-10-25
Format: 2020-10-25
Keeping our Eye on the Prize - Investment in Education and Writing at Edmunds Elementary School - 03/01/2012
 Host Ward 1 Commissioner Keith Pillsbury speaks with Shelley Mathias, Edmunds Elementary School Principal and Sophia St. John, Clare Maxwell, Ellie Zweber and Isaac Jenemann, students, hwo share their projects exemplifying writing skills...
Education Technology - 02/02/2012
Commissioner Keith Pillsbury (W1) is joined by Brian Schultz, Jim Kelly, Superintendent Jeanne Collins and several students from the 'Navigator Team' to discuss Education Technology in the District.  For more information visit the...
Fiscal Year 2013 Burlington School Budget - 01/05/2012
Commissioner Alan Matson (W6), Chair of the Finance Committee, is joined by Karen Grosclose, District Business Manager, Amy Mellencamp, Principal at Burlington High School and Superintendent Jeanne Collins. For more information visit the District...
Family School Partnerships in the Burlington School District - 12/01/2011
Hosted by Burlington School Commissioners. Host tonight is Ward 1 Commissioner, Keith Pillsbury with Superintendent Jeanne Collins, Kathy Mathis Parent Outreach Coordinator, Maleka Clarke, parent on Sustainability Academy FSP, and Marcie Lewis...
Hosted by Burlington School Commissioners - 11/03/2011
Hosted by Burlington School Commissioners.
Burlington School District Partnerships: Very Merry Theatre - 10/06/2011
Hosted by Burlington School Commissioner Alan Matson, Don Wright, of Very Merry Theatre, speaks to the benefits of partnerships to students, and the Theatre, with the school district.
School Construction - 09/01/2011
Hosted by Burlington School Commissioners.
Summer Programming in Burlington School District - 08/04/2011
Hosted by School Commissioner Keith Pillsbury, guests Bobby Riley, Kathy Olwell and Henri Sparks, Summer School Coordinators, speak to what has been and is being offered this summer.
Burlington Integrated Arts Academy - 06/02/2011
Hosted by various Burlington School Commissioners.  Meet Brian Williams interim principal of the Integrated Arts Academy at H.O. Wheeler elementary school.
Friends of Burlington Gardens - 05/05/2011
Hosted by various Burlington School Commissioners. Ward 1 Commissioner Keith Pillsbury, speaks with Executive Director Jessica Hyman and Program Director Jenn McGowan on Friends of Burlington Gardens work within the school district.
Community Input - Burlington School District Task Force on Diversity & Equity - 04/28/2011
“Community Gathering” of the Burlington School District’s Task Force on Diversity & Equity for discussion of diversity-related initiatives and issues within Burlington schools. The Task Force is developing recommendations...
Navigating the 21ST Century Educational Landscape - 04/07/2011
Host Amy Werbel, Ward 5 Burlington School Commissioner, speaks with students and teachers from Edmunds Middle School on the role of technology in their learning.
Burlington School District Diversity Initiative - 03/03/2011
Hosted by Keith Pillsbury, Ward 1 Burlington School Commissioner, with Superintendent Jeanne Collins.  Tonight they are joined by Vince Brennan, Chair of the Diversity and Equity Task Force, and Dan Balon, Director, Diversity & Equity/...
FY '12 Burlington School Budget - 01/06/2011
Tonight, Commissioner Keith Pillsbury, Superintendent Jeanne Collins and Business Manager Michael Gilbar discuss the Burlington School district FY '12 School Budget.
Inclusion Committee Work - 12/02/2010
School Commissioner Amy Werbel along with Superintendent Jeanne Collins host Laura Nugent, Inclusion Committee Chair, and paretn Valerie Wood-Lewis to discuss the Inclusion Committee's work at Champlain Elementary School and the effort to move...