Burlington School Commissioners


Jeanne Collins


School Board members, administrators and community members discuss issues and topics of the District.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-10-26
Format: 2020-10-26
Schools Update - New School Commissioners - 05/07/2009
Hosts Jeanne Collins, Superintendent and Fred Lane, Commission Chair, welcome newly elected School Commissioners Jason Baker, Alan Matson and Philip Baruth.
Burlington After School Program Changes - 04/02/2009
Superintendant Jeanne Collins and School Commissioner Sam Osborne speak with After School Program Director Jeff Fournier and Burlington Parks & Rec. Department Recreation Coordinator Dan Cahill on the Burlington After School Program Changes.
Budget Planning Process - 12/04/2008
Superintendent Jeanne Collins joins Board member Fred Lane in discussing the Burlington School District's Budget Planning Process for fiscal year 2010. Collins and Lane answer questions from viewers about the budget process, the district master plan...
Indoor Air Quality - 11/06/2008
Wally Elliot, School Commissioner, Ward 4, Ralph Stuart, Environmental Safety, UVM, Chris Giard, Property Services Director, Burlington School District and Jeanne Collins, Superintendent Burlington School District.  
Magnet Schools - 10/02/2008
Tonight's theme is Magnet Schools. Thom Fleury & Keith Pillsbury will host joined by Jeanne Collins, Joyce Irvine, Wheeler principal, Matt Dubel, Shelburne Farms, Joan Robinson, Flynn Theater, and Anne Tewksbury Frye, Barnes teacher.
Our Schools, Our Future - 09/04/2008
Burlington School Commissioners Thom Fleury, Bernie O'Rourke, Vince Brennan and Superintendent Jeanne Collins discuss the potential for a District Bond Vote.
21st Century Learning - 05/01/2008
Commissioners Fred Lane and Amy Werbel, discuss the ideas/plans for 21st Century Learning.
Vision and Master Planning - 04/03/2008
Vince Brennan, School Commissioner, Ward 3 Jen Lazar, School Commissioner, Ward 2 Amy Werbel, School Commissioner, Ward 5 Jeanne Collins, Superindentent Burlington School District
School Budget and Legislation - 03/06/2008
Host Rob Reiber and Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, Burlington School District discuss March vote and legislation.
Excellence & Equity; Budget Process - 01/03/2008
Fred Lane, School Commissioner, Ward 5, Burlington School District Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, Burlington School District