The Caremongers - Dispatches from the Frontline



A series of short interviews conducted on Zoom with frontline community activists who are coming up with innovative ways to serve their constituents and the greater good during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-09-18
Format: 2021-09-18
Rafael Castellanos of Central Park Medical Unit Reports on New York Response to COVID-19 - 04/01/2020
Town Meeting TV interviews Rafael Castellanos, president of New York City's Central Park Medical Unit, on the NYC response to COVID-19, the mood of the City, the importance of staying home, and the parallels with 9/11.
Michael Monte on Champlain Housing Trust - 03/30/2020
Town Meeting TV talks with Michael Monte, CHT's Chief Financial and Operating Officer, about how the state's largest "homeless to homeownership" nonprofit is taking care of its people and managing the financial uncertainties of the...
An Update From South Burlington City Manager Kevin Dorn - 03/27/2020
Town Meeting TV interviews South Burlington City Manager Kevin Dorn about his City's response to COVID-19 and to state and federal orders.
Christine Graham on Nonprofit Innovation and Resiliency - 03/25/2020
Town Meeting TV interviews Christine Graham, President of CPG Enterprises, Inc., and respected fundraising advisor to nonprofits and philanthropists. Christine describes this period of intense innovation and collaboration in the nonprofits sector...
ONE Good Deed Fund Supports Emergency Requests - 03/24/2020
Town Meeting TV interviews Laura Hale, Old North End neighborhood activist and Executive Director of the ONE Good Deed Fund. The Fund provides $100 grants for individuals and neighborhood projects. Between March 20 and 25 the Fund gave $10,000 away...
Vermont 2-1-1 is Connecting Vermonters to Essential Services - 03/23/2020
Town Meeting TV talks with MaryEllen Mendl, Executive Director of United Ways of Vermont/Vermont 2-1-1/Help Me Grow VT. Vermont 2-1-1 is a 24 hour hotline that fields hundreds of calls each day. MaryEllen talks about the current advice on COVID-19...
"Support Buddies" - Helping Seniors Who Need Extra Support - 03/18/2020
Town Meeting TV interviews Megan Humphrey, Executive Director of HANDS, about “Support Buddies”, a COVID-19 response program to connect those willing and able to help with those 50+ needing a little extra support during this uncertain...
Spectrum Youth & Family Services - Protecting Vulnerable Youth - 03/18/2020
Town Meeting TV talks with Mark Redmond, Executive Director of Spectrum Youth & Family Services, about how his organization is meeting the needs of our region's vulnerable youth, working with agencies across the region, and going ahead with...

Featured Story

How Our Friends Open the Doors!

In early July, MMCTV moved to a new location, renting a space on the 3rd floor of the Richmond Town Center. It’s an exciting shift into the center of town, with three nonprofit neighbors also in the building and the library across the parking lot. While hosting our TV camp for youngsters in August, we enjoyed having the elbow room at our new space!


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