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Programs that are produced by community volunteers using Channel 17 Equipment.

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Format: 2020-06-04
Format: 2020-06-04
Winooski Culture Hop - 08/13/2009
This Winooski Culture Hop program was produced by Dan Higgins. If you want to order a copy of this program, please contact Dan Higgins: dhiggins [at] uvm [dot] edu.
Vermont Reggae Festival Summer Community Events - 06/22/2009
Bill Ottman comments on Vermont's Reggae Festival community summer events.
O'Brien Community Center 1st Annual Celebration and Preview of the Riverwalk Celebration - 05/19/2009
Dan Higgins produced this video about O'Brien Community Center Celebration and the preview of the Riverwalk celebration in Winooski.
CCTV 25th Anniversary Segment: Winooski by Dan Higgins - 04/30/2009
Dan Higgins, a long time resident of Winooski, revisits the City's transformation from a tightly knit mill town to the most diverse community in Vermont. Order the full CCTV Rewind 25th Anniversary Video.
Winooski Firefighters' Fish Fry - 03/27/2009
Dan Higgins produced this video about Winooski Fire Associations 'Fish Fry' fundraising event.
Corralling the Unexpected - A Printmaker on His Process (Bill Davison) - 01/27/2009
Dan Higgins produced this video about Bill Davison.
Vermont Roots Reggae and Gathering of the Minds - 01/21/2009
Organizers Matt Mantone and Bill Ottman discuss the upcoming VT Roots Reggae festival to take place on Burlington's Waterfront in the summer of 2009. Alongside this will be a Gathering of the Minds. To get involved and find out more about these...
Oxfam America Hunger Banquet - 12/06/2008
Presented by Oxfam Action Corps, a community banquet followed by guest speakers Hal Colston and Alex Pial. This rogram recorded by community volunteers Paul Fleckenstein and Henry Prine.
Winooski Montage - 10/21/2008
This video is produced by Dan Higgins. This program includes: Harvest Festival 2008, Walk through the Champlain Mill with Janet Stambolian, Visit to Asian Market and Guy Forsythe at the Monkey House Bar (January 2008). Copies of the program can be...
Burlington Homeless Documentary - 10/03/2008
Description not updated yet.
Good News Garage Profile - 09/01/2008
A short promotional piece for Good News Garage produced by community producer, Jessica Tanner. GNG's mission is to provide affordable- reliable transportation options for those in need so they may access employment and job training.
Growing Fruit Trees in the City - 07/01/2008
Join Jessica Tanner as she tours the gardens of Jim Flint, Carmen George and Fern Crete growing fruit trees and plants in Burlington, VT.
Chatting With Eva Sollberger - 03/01/2008
This 21-minute video, by Dan Higgins, looks at behind-the-scenes working methods of Eva Sollberger, videographer and editor extraordinare, as she prepares her weekly web feature “Stuck in Vermont”. Eva also talks about the origins of her visually...