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Programs that are produced by community volunteers using Channel 17 Equipment.

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Format: 2019-11-16
Format: 2019-11-16
Equal Rights to Water Recreation - 03/11/2010
Statewide Candidate Cris Ericson provides commentary on how laws and regulations in Vermont effect the recreational usage of bodies of water. For more information, please contact Cris Ericson: crisericson [at] aceweb [dot] com.
A Visit With Hemma Winter of Visual Strategies (for Autism Issues) - 02/10/2010
In "Buffalo Times - Hardwick A Healing Town" series, Nancy Schade interviews Hemma Winter of Visual Strategies. For more information, please contact HCTV (802) 472-6655.
Video by Students in Bilwi, Nicaragua - 02/01/2010
This video was made by students in Bilwi, Nicaragua, during a video workshop offered by Dan Higgins and Jane Kramer in February 2010. The students document and comment on the presence of garbage in their community.
Black History: Then and Now, a Gallery Walk with Roz Payne - 01/31/2010
January 19-February 11 In celebration of Black History Month, Burlington College presents “Black History: Then and Now”, an exhibit of the work of activist/photographer/filmmaker/human rights advocate Roz Payne. The show features Payne...
Block Gallery Cafe Opens - 01/15/2010
Dan Higgins produced this video about Winooski Fire Associations 'Fish Fry' fundraising event. If you want more information or purchase a copy of this program, please contact Dan Higgins at dhiggins [at] uvm [dot] edu.
New Federal Regulations for Bald Eagles - 01/05/2010
Cris Ericson describes new federal guidelines for Bald Eagles.  What it means to land they are inhabiting and what it means to the population of the eagles in Vermont and how the change of policy came about. If you have any questions about this...
Vigil For Mexican Farm Worker Oveth Santis Cruz - 12/23/2009
Vigil in Support of Migrant Farm Workers After the Death of 17 year old Oveth Santis Cruz from Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico.  For more of the story view this press release.
No More War! No More Troops to Afghanistan! - 12/19/2009
In Burlington, Vermont over 100 people gathered on Saturday December, 12 to say "No more war in Afghanistan" and to denounce Barack Obama's 30,000 person troop surge to Afghanistan. Dozens of similar demonstrations took place across the country on...
Burlington and Puerto Cabezas, Sister Cities For 25 Years - 12/17/2009
"Burlington Puerto Cabezas Sister City 25 Years" video was produced by Dan Higgins. If you want to order a copy of this program, please contact Dan Higgins: dhiggins [at] uvm [dot] edu.
"Sacred Forest" Preview - 11/14/2009
Dan Higgins produced this video about collaboration between Gordon Stone and Senegalese choreographer Elhadji Mamadou Ba. The Vermont Arts Council and The National Endowment for the Arts present "The Sacred Forest" featuring the music from Gordon...
Kids-A-Part: Stories of Young Women with Incarcerated Parents - 11/11/2009
Four stories of young women with parents who have been in and out of the criminal justice system.  Produced by the VT Children's Aid Socety for Kids-A-Part.   For more information call 802-655-0006 13 Kilburn Street, Burlington, VT...
Annual Vermont Rail Action Network Meeting 2009 - 10/20/2009
Annual Vermont Rail Action Network Meeting 2009 videotaped by community producer Jessica Tanner. If you want to purchase a copy, please contact BCTV.
WING Green Initiatives - 10/11/2009
WING Green Initiatives, in partnership with the Dorothy Alling Memorial Liberary and Building Energy Inc. of Williston, conducted an energy audit of the library on October 11, 2009. For more information: greenwilliston@yahoo. Williston Green...
Good News Garage - Past, Present and Future - 10/02/2009
PSA about Good News Garage. Filmed at Good News Garage, Gary Eley's Home with electric car program and Adams Ct. in Burlington. Program discusses details about Good News Garage, it's benefits to public and non-profit vitality in Burlington.
Burlington Time Bank - 08/20/2009
This program includes a brief history about time banking in the United States, as well as the history of time banking in Vermont. The steps to becoming a member of the Burlington Time Bank are included, as well as key concepts for understanding...

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