Conversation on Race Now - Interracial Love...Living the Difference



Vivian Mason and Susan Linskey host conversations on the issues of race in this every other month Live @ 5:25 Show.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-07-20
Format: 2019-07-20
Emily Bernard - Interstates - 11/05/2014
Hosts Vivian Mason and Susan Linskey speak with Author and Teacher, Emily Bernard.
Reflections on Our Memories - 09/03/2014
Hosts Vivian Mason and Susan Linskey kick-off their every other month show on issues about race with a conversation with Donna Day.
Interracial Love...Living the Difference - 08/29/2014
Hosts Vivian Mason and Susan Linskey speak with 2 interracial couples on their perspectives on race.  Ali Djieng and Angela Djieng are joined by Dr. Denise Dunbar.

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PEG TV Summer Study Committee Meets to Discuss Potential Funding Sources

On June 20th, Governor Phil Scott signed the Broadband Bill - now Act 79 of 2019 - in Dover, Vermont. This new law aims to expand access to broadband services and also includes a Study Committee that will consider issues related to the future availability and funding of Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access television.


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