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Format: 2018-10-16
Format: 2018-10-16
Uncontested 3 and 2 Year Seats - Town of Williston Selectboard - 02/16/2016
Incumbent Ted Kenney seeks the 3-year seat, while Joy Limoge seeks the 2-year seat.  Both are uncontested races.
South Burlington School Budget Presentation - 02/15/2016
Superintendent of the South Burlington School District David Young is joined by School Board Chair Elizabeth Fitzgerald and John Stewart, School District Business Manager, to present the 2017 School Budget for South Burlington.
South Burlington Schools - Uncontested Board Seats - 02/15/2016
South Burlington School District, 2 uncontested seats for the school board include candidates: Martin LaLonde, an incumbent ceding the 3 year seat, and Bridget Burkhardt, seeking the 2 year seat.
South Burlington City Council 3-Year Seat - 02/15/2016
Candidates for the South Burlington City Council 3-year seat include: Incumbent Chris Shaw and Tim Barritt. More information on candidate Barritt:  timforsb.wordpress.com   https://facebook.com/TimBarritt4SB   TimBarritt4SB...
Town of Essex FY17 Budget Presentation - 02/12/2016
Town Manager Pat Scheidel and Board Chair Max Levy present the 2017 Town of Essex budget.
Burlington Advisory Ballot Item - North Avenue - 02/12/2016
Burlington voters face an advisory ballot item reading: 'Shall the City Council, Public Works Commission and Administration be advised to keep four lanes open to motor vehicles on North Avenue from the Route 127 access intersection north to the...
Town of Essex Selectboard 2, 3 Year Seats - Uncontested - 02/11/2016
Incumbents Irene Wrenner and Michael Plageman (mikeplageman.com) seek 2, uncontested 3-year seats on the Essex Selectboard.
Town of Essex Selectboard - 2 Year Seat - 02/11/2016
An unexpired two-year term to fill a 3 year seat is sought on the Essex Selectboard by Sue Cook (more info: sue4youessex.com) and Varpilah Chase.
South Burlington City Council Debate - 02/11/2016
This debate has been a student-led event for 3 years. This year, SBHS debate-team members Daniel Yi, Sparsh Bhardwaj, and Patrick Ryan have organized and are leading the debate. All three share an interest in current issues and are honored to be...
Your Voting Rights - Burlington Ward Clerk and League Women Voters - 02/11/2016
Sue Alenick, Burlington Ward Clerk, is joined by Sonja Schuyler, League of Women Voters, to share what you need to know to vote this Town Meeting Day and each election cycle. Contact the League of Women Voters of Vermont at: league [at] lwvofvt [dot...
Colchester Selectboard Forum - 02/08/2016
If you want to puchase a copy of this program, please contact LCATV: 862-5724 or email info [at] lcatv [dot] org
Colchester School Board Forum - 02/08/2016
If you want to puchase a copy of this program, please contact LCATV: 862-5724 or email info [at] lcatv [dot] org
Spotlight on Vermont Issues - Ethics Commission - 02/03/2016
Host Catherine Rader of the League of Woman Voter speaks with Jim Condos, Secretary of State.
Burlington FY17 School Budget - 01/13/2016
The Burlington School Budget as presented at the Ward 1 and Ward 8 NPA Meeting on January 13, 2016.
Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump Rally - 01/07/2016
The front runner Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump rallies at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts on his first trip to Vermont -- and the community responds.