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Format: 2019-08-25
Format: 2019-08-25
The Vermont Abortion Law is Bad Legislation - Part 4 - 08/22/2019
Vermont Representative Anne B. Donahue talks with host Margaret Harrington about the legislative process for H-57, which became the Vermont Reproductive Health Law, aka The Vermont Abortion Law. She gives insight into the difference between the...
The Vermont Abortion Law is Bad Legislation - Part 3 - 07/25/2019
Mary Hahn Beerworth, Executive Director of the Vermont Right to Life Committee, talks with FOCUS host Margaret Harrington about the interconnection of the 2019 Vermont Reproductive Health Law, aka the Abortion Law, to the Eugenics Survey and the...
The Vermont Reproductive Health Bill Is Bad Legislation - Part 2 - 05/31/2019
Sharon Toborg, policy analyst for The Vermont Right to Life Committee, joins host Margaret Harrington to discuss the H-57 Vermont Abortion Bill. Science proves that human life begins at fertilization. The question is: When is that human life worthy...
CCTV Celebrates 35 Years of Free Speech and Public Access TV - 05/16/2019
FOCUS host Margaret Harrington interviews CCTV Executive Director Lauren-Glenn Davitian.
The Vermont Reproductive Health Bill Is Bad Legislation - 04/25/2019
FOCUS host Margaret Harrington explains why H-57, the Vermont Abortion Bill, is divisive legislation, has not been given civil discourse in Vermont, and will have bad consequences.
Using Technology to Support Trafficking Survivors - 03/11/2019
Champlain College Professor Duane Dunston is developing a mobile app, YHAV (You Have a Voice), to help bridge the communication barrier with identifying trafficking victims and survivors. In Part 3 of our series, Dunston talks about his...
Human Trafficking - Its Context and Its Effect in Vermont Part 2 - 01/24/2019
Host Margaret Harrington talks with Deputy Compact Administrator Trissie Casanova (Department for Children and Families), Detective Corporal Donald Demar (Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations), and Peer Advocate Counselor Kimberly Colville (VT...
Human Trafficking - Its Context and Its Effect in Vermont Part 1 - 01/14/2019
Edith Klimoski, Vermont director of Give Way to Freedom, and Sister Pat McKittrick, RN, SP, director of the University of Vermont Community Outreach program, talk with host Margaret Harrington about the complex issue of human trafficking....
Winooski Peace Initiative Celebrates International Peace Day - 09/13/2018
Winooski Peace Initiative members Sister Pat McKittrick, RN and director of the UVM Hospital Outreach Center, and Dan Higgins, Photographer, talk about celebrating the International Day of Peace in Winooski Falls Way on September 21, 2018. This is...
Councilor Ali Dieng Talks About The Everyone Loves a Parade Mural - 08/23/2018
Margaret Harrington is joined by Ali Dieng, Burlington City Councilor, to continue the discussion regarding the "Everyone Loves A Parade" (ELAP) mural.
Why the Everyone Loves A Parade Mural is Racist - 08/09/2018
Margaret Harrington gives a commentary on the "Everyone Loves A Parade" (ELAP) mural and shares commentary from Facebook of local leader Vicki Garrison.
Sur Destroyed with Artist Janet Biehl - 05/14/2018
Janet Biehl shows her mini-comic "Sur Destroyed" and talks with host Margaret Harrington about why Biehl drew the illustrations and text for Global Action Day on April 28 to protest the Turkish destruction of Hasankeyf, Sur, and other...
The Irish Woman's Voice in Poetry with Angela Patten - 03/01/2018
In conjunction with the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival, Angela Patten, Dublin born poet and senior lecturer at the University of Vermont, visits with Margaret Harrington on the Channel 17 TV series FOCUS. Angela Patten reads selections from her...
The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Name Should be Removed from the Vermont Book Award - 01/29/2018
In this discussion of why Dorothy Canfield Fisher's name should be removed from the Vermont Book Award, evidence is presented that the author had a direct connection with the Vermont Eugenics Survey. Judy Dow, Franco American/ Abenaki educator,...
Selected Delanty - A Visit With Poet Greg Delanty - 12/15/2017
Host Margaret Harrington talks with Burlington, Vermont, poet Greg Delanty who reads selections from his new book "Selected Delanty." The poems embrace a four-decade span in the life of the poet and follow his experiences as an emigrant...

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The proposed rules would allow cable companies to assign market values to these benefits and then charge the amount back to local communities in most cases. Benefits include items like free cable subscriptions to schools, discounts for the elderly, and fiber connectivity to local government buildings like police departments, fire stations, and libraries.


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