Produced by Margaret Harrington and aimed at capturing people talking about their interests, issues and concerns.

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Format: 2018-09-24
Format: 2018-09-24
Dakota Pipeline and Geprag's Park Vermont Protests Unify - 11/02/2016
Channel 17 host Margaret Harrington gets together with Kevin Kamps, of Beyond Nuclear, Jane Palmer, of Rising Tide, Vermont, and Dr. Rachel Smolker, of Protect Geprag's Park, to talk about the unification of the Dakota Oil Access Pipeline...
The Continuing Crisis in Vermont Courts with Retired Judge Ben Joseph - 10/05/2016
Judge Ben Joseph informs us that Vermont spends less on its judiciary system than almost every state in the Union. Delays in the disposition of cases are causing lawyers all over Vermont to avoid the courts. Vermont judicial spending is less than 1...
Wind Turbines in The Green Mountain National Forest - 10/04/2016
Annette Smith, Director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment and Representative Marianna Gamache, of the Vermont Legislature Natural Resources and Energy Committee, talk with host Margaret Harrington about the installation of the first industrial...
What You Need to Know About Wind Energy in Vermont - 09/15/2016
Host Margaret Harrington talks with Annette Smith of Vermonters for a Clean Environment about bringing the wind issue to the Burlington audience and other areas which, so far, are not directly impacted by the 500 foot industrial wind turbines. The...
The Burlington Town Center Mall Redevelopment Project with Bob Herendeen - 08/18/2016
Host Margaret Harrington talks with Bob Herendeen, Burlington resident, who opposes the Burlington Town Mall Redevelopment Project in its presently proposed form. The Burlington resident is against the zoning change because taller is not better; it...
Report from the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia – on the scene with Linda Maloney of Vermont - 07/28/2016
Host Margaret Harrington talks with Linda Maloney who has been in Philadelphia for the duration of the Democratic National Convention. They talk about the nomination of Bernie Sanders for president by Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Shyla...
Report From the Clean Energy March at the 2016 Philadelphia Democratic Convention with Kevin Kamps - 07/25/2016
Focus Host, Margaret Harrington, talks with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear about the massive rally for clean energy in Philadelphia on July 24, the day before the Democratic National Convention. Kevin Kamps tells us who was there and why millions of...
Fracked Gas in Vermont - 06/03/2016
Dr. Terence Cuneo and Kari Cuneo of Williston talk about how the fracked gas pipeline in Vermont has negatively impacted their lives. Terence and Kari Cuneo of Williston, Vermont discuss the State of Vermont’s threat to seize their land by...
Rising Tide: Fracked Gas Pipeline in Vermont - 04/29/2016
Host Margaret Harrington discusses the Vermont fracked gas pipeline situation with special guest Alex Prolman from Rising Tide Vermont. For the second time in less than a month, on Monday, April 18th, opponents of Vermont Gas Systems’...
Vermont Gas Ratepayers Need An Advocate Part II with Bill McKibben,, Jane Palmer and Claire Broughton, Landowners and Vermont Gas Resisters and Alex Prolman of Rising Tide - 02/11/2016
Recorded on February 11th and Februrary 23, 206, Host Margaret Harrington talks with Bill McKibben of, Jane Palmer and Claire Broughton, Monkton landowners and Vermont Gas Resisters and Alex Prolman of Rising Tide about the Vermont Gas...
Vermont Gas Utility Ratepayers Need an Advocate - 12/18/2015
Hosted by Margaret Harrington.  AARP-Vermont State Director Greg Marchildon, Annette Smith, Vermonters for a Clean Environment, and Jane Palmer, Monkton Landowner, talk about how the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) and Department of Public...
The Attempt to Centralize the Vermont Judiciary - 12/14/2015
Judge Ben Joseph talks about how Vermonters are not getting timely access to justice. Cuts in judicial services are causing court delays state wide and a backlog of child abuse cases.  Hosted by Margaret Harrington. 
What Women Priests Want: a discussion with Rev. Dr. Linda M. Maloney, a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont and Rev. Linda Spear RCWP, a Roman Catholic Woman Priest from Sutton, Quebec, Canada - 10/30/2015
Two women priests, Rev. Linda Spear, RCWP, and Rev. Dr. Linda Maloney talk with host Margaret Harrington about contemporary issues related to peace and justice, gender, history, theology, immigration, political and social issues.
Can We Have Law Without Judges? The Crisis of Not Enough Judges in Vermont - 07/29/2015
Judge Ben Joseph addresses issues impacting people in Vermont when there are no civil trial judges to hear cases, and justice is delayed, even denied. Hosted by Margaret Harrington.
Poet Greg Delanty, reads from his most recent poems in BOOK SEVENTEEN - 06/22/2015
Greg Delanty, Poet, Artist in Residence at St. Michael’s College, Burlington, reads from his most recent poems in BOOK SEVENTEEN to comment on this program: feedback [at] cctv [dot] org