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Format: 2021-03-03
Format: 2021-03-03
Online Elections Management - 10/22/2015
Gov. Shumlin's press conference on the Online Elections Management System.
College Student's and Vermont's Economy: Job Prospects - 09/24/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is joined by Vermont Department of Labor staff highlighting survey results focused on the perception of Vermont's economy and job market by recent graduates and incoming seniors at St. Michael's College. ...
Downtown & Village Center Tax Incentives Winner - 09/09/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announces the winners of $2.37 Million Downtown and Village Center Tax Incentives. Joining the Governor with remarks are Noelle MacKay, Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and Seth Leonard...
Governor Shumlin's Press Conference - Drug Take-Back Day - 09/03/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin holds his weekly press conference with announcement of the Rx Drug Take Back Day, set for September 26th. Collection sites in Vermont can be found by going to or calling 1-800-882-9539. There are currently...
Press Conference - Women's Equality Day - 08/26/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin makes remarks at the 'Women's Equality Day Press Conference' in Burlington.
Lake Champlain Cleanup Efforts - 08/14/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is joined by taff with the Environmental Protection Agency to share efforts at Lake Champlain Cleanup.
Gov. Shumlin Press Conference - Health Connect Update - 08/11/2015
Outline the progress being made on Vermont Health Connect moving toward the Nov. 1 open enrollment.
Dedication of the Essex Solar Power Center - 06/05/2015
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is joined by Congressman Peter Welch and PSEG Solar Source dedicate the PSEG Essex Solar Center. The 3.6-megawatt-dc facility is the state’s largest solar farm.   During the event, Gov. Shumlin declares June...
Governor Shumlin's Press Conference on Same Day Voter Registration - 06/01/2015
Governor Shumlin celebrates Vermont's new same day voter registration law.
Governor Shumlin's Press Conference on Charitable Deductions - 05/13/2015
Gov. Peter Shumlin conducts a Press Conference on Charitable Deductions.
Press Conference - 20 Business Leaders Need 1000 Jobs Filled - 04/28/2015
Gov. Peter Shumlin is joined by 20 business leaders who are currently seeking to hire 1,000 new employees.
Governor Shumlin Press Conference - 02/04/2015
Gov. Peter Shumlin's weekly press conference, taking questions before attending the Vermont Manufacturers Summit 2015 in Burlington.
Governor Shumlin's Weekly Press Conference - 12/03/2014
Gov. Peter Shumlin's weekly press conference during which he indicated he would release his single-payer funding plan before the end of the year.
Governor Shumlin Press Conference - Day After Election - 11/05/2014
Gov. Peter Shumlin holds a press conference in Burlington's City Hall Park the day after the General Election.
GlobalFoundries Announcement on IBM Acquisition - 10/20/2014
Gov. Peter Shumlin is joined by business groups, employers, local officials, lawmakers and others to offer strong state partnership to GlobalFoundries. The Santa Clara-based semiconductor manufacturer announced its intention to purchase IBM’s...