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Retiring Judge Ben Joseph speaks with a variety of professionals interacting with the legal system.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-10-29
Format: 2020-10-29
SAM Vermont - 01/23/2015
Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Debby Haskins, Director of SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) Vermont.  www.sam-vt.org   SAM-VT is a statewide coalition of Vermonters – parents, grandparents, young people, senior citizens and...
Marijuana Industry Math - 01/07/2015
Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Bob Doyle, Chair of Colorado SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) Coalition.
Big Tobacco and the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana - 12/09/2014
Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Heidi Heilman of Westborough, Mass., Director of New England Field Development for Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and president of the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance.  www.learnaboutsam.org    http...
Effects of Marijuana on College Students - 11/17/2014
Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Dr. Jon Porter, Head of All Medical Services at UVM.
Psychiatric Effects of Marijuana - 11/07/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Benjamin R. Nordstrom, MD, MA, PhD, Director of Addiction Services and Director, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on the psychiatric effects of marijuana.
The Colorado Experience with the Rocky Mountain High - 10/21/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Annie Ramniceanu, Director of Pre-Trial Services, State of Vermont, and Ben Cort, University Hospital, Denver, Colorado on the implications of legalized marijuana.
Legal Marijuana - The Real Cost - 08/28/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Sgt. James Roy of the Colchester Police Department on Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), and the issues surrounding 'drugged driving'.
Traffic Safety - 07/25/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Lt. Garry Scott, commander of the Traffic Safety Unit for the Vermont State Police. http://vsp.vermont.gov/about_us/divisions/field_force/traffic_safety
Drug Recognition Testimony - 06/17/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation on Drug Recognition Expert Testimony with Deputy Chief of Hartford Vt. Police Department, Braedon Vail, a leader in the effort by law enforcement to identify driving impairment due to drugs.
Drugged Driving - 05/23/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Greg Nagurney, State attorney and Vermont Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, about Drugged Driving.
Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System - 05/08/2014
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Cindy Maguire, Assistant Attorney General, on her work at the Attorney General's Office with the Department of Children and Families.
Elizabeth Truscott - 03/31/2014
Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Elizabeth Truscott on a new offender program.
Future of Probate Courts - 06/05/2013
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Honorable Larry Bruce, and the Honorable George 'Ned' Spear, Probate Judges for Franklin and Grand Isle Counties respectively, on the future of Probate Courts in light of the 2010 Vermont Judicial...
Stopping Domestic Violence - 06/03/2013
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with former Vermont Assistant Attorney General Amy Fitzgerald, and Todd Shove, Deputy State's Attorney, Lamoille County on the 'STOP' Program.
Special Investigative Units in Vermont - A VAWA Success Story - 04/15/2013
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a conversation with Marc Metayer, SIU Grants Program Manager with Vermont Department of State's Attorneys,  John Treadwell, Assistant Vermont Attorney General, and Kristine Bickford, Executive Director of the...

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