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Format: 2019-08-19
Format: 2019-08-19
Democratic Republic of Congo Update - 03/31/2010
Host Rob Reiber speaks with Cleophace Mukeba and Pierre Mujomba, local Congolese activists, on their efforts to bring awareness to the issues of the Congo and the current situation faced by the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Tell Me about Bosnia, with Damir Nurkanovic - 12/30/2008
Bosnian immigrant Damir Nurkanovic tells about his native Bosnia. The program is hosted by Rob Reiber.
Military Stop-Loss Policy, a Back Door Draft - 12/29/2008
Parents of a stop-lossed soldier Mary Rogers and Rob Reiber are joined by Jen Berger of the Peace & Justice Center's 'Recruiters for Peace Campaign' for a discussion on implications of the military Stop-Loss Policy.
CCTV Holiday Party - 12/18/2008
CCTV holiday party.
Spotlight on Young Channel 17 Volunteers - 12/01/2008
Host Sam Mayfield talks with 2 Live Show volunteers Henry Prine and Averiel Hossley on their interest and enthusiasm for volunteering with Channel 17.
Outright Vermont - Queer News Update - 10/31/2008
Christopher Neff, Executive Director, Toby MacNutt and Spencer. For more information click here.    

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Alliance for Community Media says FCC Cable Vote Will Harm Local Media

The proposed rules would allow cable companies to assign market values to these benefits and then charge the amount back to local communities in most cases. Benefits include items like free cable subscriptions to schools, discounts for the elderly, and fiber connectivity to local government buildings like police departments, fire stations, and libraries.


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