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Near and Far is an exciting series about global and local topics and all manner of things in between. Local producer Richard Kemp hosts the program.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-05-20
Format: 2018-05-20
Richard Kemp Speaks with Photographer Dan Higgins - 03/25/2016
Host Richard Kemp speaks with photographer Dan Higgins. For more info visit: or
Emily and Isabella Adams - Traditional Irish songs - 06/26/2015
Host Richard Kemp with guests Emily and Isabella Adams, who sing a few traditional Irish songs. For More Info about our guests email them at SevenAdams [at] msn [dot] com
Jessie Cornell, Alzheimer's Association - 01/21/2015
Host Richard Kemp with guest Jessie Cornell, Community Outreach Specialist at the Alzheimer's Association, Vermont Chapter. 1-800-272-3900
State Rep. Candidate Robert Millar, Chitt. 6-7 - 06/17/2014
Host Richard Kemp with guest Robert Millar,Chitt. 6-7 Progressive Party and State Representative Candidate. For more information visit: Facebook: Follow on Twitter:
A Conversation with Willy Nelson - 06/12/2014
Host Richard Kemp with guest Willy Nelson.
Burlington Community Justice Center - 02/26/2014
Host Richard Kemp with guest Stuart Recicar from Burlington Community Justice Center. He leads the new Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) program for offenders reentering the Burlington community.  
Roddy O'Neil Cleary, Minister Emerita - 01/24/2014
Host Richard Kemp with guest Roddy O'Neil Cleary, Minister Emerita.
Perspectives from Albania - Betsy Ferries - 01/02/2014
Host Richard Kemp speaks with Betsy Ferries on life in Albania where she and her husband, Peter Clavelle, have resided for the last 2 years.
Perspectives from Albania - Peter Clavelle - 01/02/2014
Host Richard Kemp speaks with Peter Clavelle, former Burlington Mayor, on life in Albania where he and wife Betsy Ferries have resided for the last 2 years.
Senator Anthony Pollina (P/D/W-Washington District) - 10/23/2013
Host Richard Kemp talks with Senator Anthony Pollina (P/D/W-Washington District) about the state bank, state colleges, and the legislature.
Stop the F-35 - 10/01/2013
Host Richard Kemp talk with Chris Hurd from Stop the F-35.
Gun Sense Vermont - 09/25/2013
Host Richard Kemp is joined by Marie Adams, Chittenden County Organizer of Gun Sense Vermont, discussing gun issues in Vermont.
Dr. Jean Szilva on F-35's Health Concerns - 07/11/2013
Host Richard Kemp is joined by Dr. Jean Szilva, discussing the F-35's health concerns.
Housing Co-operatives - 06/21/2013
Host Richard Kemp is joined by Marcia Mason, discussing the housing co-op model.
Chris Hurd - F-35 Opponent - 05/24/2013
Host Richard Kemp talks with Chris Hurd, Member of the Stop The F-35 Coalition.  more information:  -

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Job Posting: Video Support Engineer at CCTV/Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television

CCTV is looking for a creative problem solver with hands on experience in video engineering and desk top support to provide technical services to CCTV & Town Meeting Television. The Video Engineer works with the Systems Engineer to run our current multi-media operations and deliver local public affairs media in a post-cable world. The successful candidate will have strong skills and experience managing business information technology functions including some MySQL/MariaDB database administration, financial systems, CRM, desktop support, website CMS troubleshooting and maintenance, Google Apps administration, telephone and video conferencing.


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