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Format: 2019-05-19
Format: 2019-05-19
The Trump-Russia Investigation and the Mafia State - 05/14/2019
One of the reasons Mueller had difficulty determining how direct the contacts were between members of the Trump campaign and the Russia state apparatus, was that they were looking at that state apparatus as if it was part a traditional nation state...
The New Colossus - 04/09/2019
"The New Colossus" is a reference to the poem inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, contrasting it with the ancient Colossus of Rhodes. This episode revisits the period surrounding the abolitionist movement and the role that...
The American Enlightenment - 03/12/2019
Host Robert Maynard highlights the blending of religion and science during the Enlightenment period of American history.
Schools of Hellas - 01/08/2019
Host Robert Maynard discusses the difference between education and schooling.
In Pursuit of Happiness - 12/11/2018
Host Robert Maynard looks at factors that positively motivated people's behavior in neuroscience studies. These factors are discussed in light of the fundamental principles that constitute "The Pursuit of Happiness."
Back to the Future - 11/13/2018
Host Robert Maynard talks about the transition to a "digital economy" and, how in many ways, the trends we are seeing represent a return to the decentralized "Jeffersonian age." The centralizing processes that accompanied "...
Apocalypse of the Word - The Quakers' Role in America’s 19th Century Freedom & Peace Offensive - 09/11/2018
This episode continues along the same lines as the first two in the series but zeroes in on the content of the moral reform approach to promoting peace and freedom in the 19th century. A particular focus is the global abolitionist movement.
A New Order for the Ages vs. A New World Order - Part 2 - 08/16/2018
Robert Maynard expands on his first episode with more thoughts regarding internationalism and the populist backlash.
A New Order for the Ages vs. A New World Order - 06/12/2018
Robert Maynard's first episode of "Operation City on a Hill" looks at the global, populist backlash against internationalism and examines what needs to be changed and what should be preserved.