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Preservation Burlington produces a monthly walk through Burlington. It was founded in 1998 by local residents and preservationists to help bring families back to historic neighborhoods in the core of the city. For more information,

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-09-17
Format: 2019-09-17
Burlington Firefighting - 02/26/2015
Ron Wanamaker hosts Liisa Reimann, author of 'Burlington Firefighting', discussing the history and development of the Burlington Fire Department. Besides being a local author, Liisa is also a board member of Preservatoin Burlington, serving...
Lost Shul Mural - Preparing for the Move - 01/30/2015
Ron Wanamaker leads viewers on a tour of the Chai Adam Synagogue on Burlington's Hyde Street, as preparations are made for the continuing restoration, removal and moving of the historic 1910 mural, representative of traditional Eastern European...
Lost Shul Mural - 01/22/2015
Ron Wanamaker hosts Aaron Goldberg, Lost Shul Mural Project Co-director, on this historic preservation effort in Burlington's Old North End.  more information at: More information on Preservation Burlington - ...
Form-Based Code - What Is It? - 12/18/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Paul Dreher, Zoning Administrator for Newport, Vermont, on the use of 'form-based code' for city development.
Vermont Architectural History - 11/21/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with co-authors of a recent book on Vermont Architecture 'Buildings of Vermont' Glenn Andres and Curtis Johnson.
October is Cemetery Month - 10/23/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Liisa Reimann, Architectural Historian, on the burial places, histories and occupants of some of the areas cemeteries.  Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington. 
Window Restoration - 09/25/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with expert window restorer Amy Mentes on the 'how-to's' .  Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington. 
Vermont Beer - 08/28/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with co-authors Adam Krakowski and Kurt Staudter on their recently released book 'Vermont Beer: History of a Brewing Revolution'.  Their book is intended to establish a definitive history on the subject and set...
Challenges of Buying and Planning the Restoration of Old Houses - 07/24/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Karl Lukhaup PB board member, craftsman and new "old house" owner, along with partner Bess Levison, on the challenges of buying and planning the restoration of an old house.   Monthly call in show hosted...
Preservation Burlington Homes Tour - 05/22/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Rebecca Reese, Preservation Burlington board member, about the Preservation Burlington Homes Tour. Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington.
Current Events - 04/24/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker talks about current events.
Vintage Vermont Roofing - 03/27/2014
Host Ron Wanamaker speaks with Matt Bennett, of Big Matt's Maintenance, on slate roofing.  Monthly call in show hosted by Preservation Burlington. 
Corin Hirsch - Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England - 02/27/2014
Colonial New England was awash in ales, beers, wines, cider and spirits. Everyone from teenage farmworkers to our founding fathers imbibed heartily and often. Tipples at breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner were the norm, and low-alcohol hard cider...
Saint Albans House Redevelopment Update - 01/23/2014
Guest Host Jacob Mushlin speaks with Jim Cameron of Green Dolphin LLC and a developer who is successfully using the State and Federal Historic Tax Credits to redevelop the Saint Albans House historic hotel. Jim shared the start of the project last...
Bruce Seifer, Sustainable Communities - 10/24/2013
Burlington has preserved many structures and neighborhoods which makes it a community that is the envy for many across the globe. Some buildings preserved include the Maltex Building on Pine Street (they made Maltex Breakfast Cereal), The Wells...