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Preservation Burlington produces a monthly walk through Burlington. It was founded in 1998 by local residents and preservationists to help bring families back to historic neighborhoods in the core of the city. For more information,

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Format: 2020-09-22
Format: 2020-09-22
Haunted Burlington - 10/22/2009
Host Patricia Araujo, Preservation Burlington, speaks with Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghost Walk. Thea talks about her book "Haunted Burlington: Spirits of Vermont's Queen City", her tours, her WCAX job and what got her interested in the first place.
Vermont Historical Society - 09/17/2009
Host Ron Wannamaker, President of Preservation Burlington, speaks with various guests. Today's guiest is librarian Paul Carnahan from Vermont Historical Society.
Dentzel Carousel Organ - 08/27/2009
Host Ron Wannamaker, President of Preservation Burlington, speaks with various guests.
Researching Your Old House - 06/25/2009
Host Ron Wannamaker, President of Preservation Burlington, speaks with independent historian and museum consultant Erica Donnis on ways to research the history of an historic building.
Historic Preservation 101 - 03/26/2009
Ron Wanamaker and Gwen Langdon guests
Lakeview Cemetery - 10/23/2008
Program host, Patricia Araujo, will talk about some of the local residents of Lakeview Cemetery. Some of these people include: Charles Heyde, General George Jerrison Stannard and Louisa May Howard.  Also discussed was the Rural Cemetery Movement and...
Ethan Allen Period Dress - 09/25/2008
Host Patricia Araujo speaks with Eliza West, a volunteer at the Ethan Allen Homestead, on period dress.
Demolition by Neglect - 07/24/2008
Host: Patricia Araujo Guest: Lea Terhune, Appletree Point Historical Society
Old North End Tour - 06/26/2008
Host Patricia Araujo gives an Old North End tour.
Replacement Materials - 05/22/2008
Host Patricia Araujo talks with Ron Wanamaker (of Wanamaker Restoration) about how to use alternative materials in home building, historic preservation and general renovations.

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