Puzzle, Machine or Maze? Understanding the Planning Process and the Community's Role in it.



A series of short videos about various topics on the Essex Junction planning process and the community's role in it. Producer: Elaine Sopchak Camera Operator/Editor: Jacqueline Marshall

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Format: 2018-05-23
Format: 2018-05-23
Episode 1 "Comprehensive Plan" - 08/18/2015
Have you ever driven down the road and noticed suddenly that a building is going up, or a new road is being dug where there used to be an empty field? Or that an old house was torn down and now something MUCH BIGGER is being built in its place?...

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Job Posting: Video Support Engineer at CCTV/Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television

CCTV is looking for a creative problem solver with hands on experience in video engineering and desk top support to provide technical services to CCTV & Town Meeting Television. The Video Engineer works with the Systems Engineer to run our current multi-media operations and deliver local public affairs media in a post-cable world. The successful candidate will have strong skills and experience managing business information technology functions including some MySQL/MariaDB database administration, financial systems, CRM, desktop support, website CMS troubleshooting and maintenance, Google Apps administration, telephone and video conferencing.


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