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Sandy Baird


Sandy Baird is a veteran commentator on local and international issues, a lawyer and a teacher at Burlington College. Contact her at

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-02-26
Format: 2021-02-26
Impacts of War and Military Budget - 10/13/2010
Sandy Baird commentary on Impacts of War and Military Budget.
The Feminism of Lisbeth Salander - 09/10/2010
Sandy Baird on the Steig Larson book character Lisbeth Salandar.
American and French Revolutions - 07/19/2010
Sandy Baird on American and French Revolutions.
Burlington's Proposed Church St. Marketplace Public Sitting Ban - 06/25/2010
Sandy Baird on Burlington Proposed Sitting Ban..
President Obama's Healthcare Initiative - 05/21/2010
Sandy Baird reflects on Barack Obama's 'Healthcare' initiative.
President Obama - Year One - 01/12/2010
Sandy Baird reflects on Barack Obama, one year into his Presidency.
President Obama's First 100 Days - 05/18/2009
Sandy Baird gives her perspective on the President's first 100 days.
Instant Runoff Voting - 03/27/2009
Sandy Baird voices her concerns and opposition to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).
Living Form of Democracy - 02/23/2009
Sandy Baird comments:" Town Meeting - Living Form of Democracy"
Obama's Inaugural Address - 02/04/2009
Sandy Baird comments
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - 01/13/2009
Sandy Baird comments
Financial Crisis - 12/30/2008
Sandy Baird comments on the current financial crisis.