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Service Rendered is dedicated to helping individuals ages 14 - 25 with their goals and aspirations, while educating them on issues around drugs, alcohol, tobacco, HIV/AIDS, and STD's. We provide safe, encouraging centers and internship/community service opportunities in order to motivate our community towards a positive future. WE BELIEVE in education and community. WE BELIEVE in individuality and creativity. WE BELIEVE in the power and future of our youth.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-11-21
Format: 2019-11-21
VLAM! - Calling All Performing Artists - 11/18/2019
Host Bruce Wilson discusses Vermont Local Arts and Music (VLAM). Service Rendered is getting a new community space and new murals to paint. For more info, please visit:
Arts So Wonderful - Amazing Artist - 11/04/2019
Host Bruce Wilson is joined by Lindsey Saunder, Professional Visual and Mural Artist. For more info, please visit: and
Arts So Wonderful - The Winooski Mural and Fancy Friday - 10/17/2019
Host Bruce Wilson is joined by Arts So Wonderful's new Video Production Director, David Klinker, and the founder of Fancy Friday, Cadoux Fancy.
Arts So Wonderful - What's Happening? - 09/09/2019
Host Bruce Wilson talks about some local murals and other public artwork and shows a video by Aidan White at the end on public artwork. Music: "Cookie Dough" by Egozi |
Arts So Wonderful - Handy's Service Center and Smalley Park Mural Projects - 08/23/2019
Take a look at Service Rendered's "Arts So Wonderful" mural projects in downtown Burlington. This video documents the behind the scenes action of the planning that goes into these murals. The murals shown in this program exist behind...
Arts So Wonderful Art Show - 08/23/2019
Take a look at Service Rendered's "Arts So Wonderful" Art Show. 
Arts So Wonderful Part 2 - What's Good In The Neighborhood - 08/05/2019
Hosts from Service Rendered Inc. Charlene Fu, Youth Board President, and Bruce Wilson, Executive Director, are joined by guests Charles Handy, President of Handy Enterprises, and Olivia Miller, Volunteer Coordinator with the City of Winooski.
Arts So Wonderful - 06/27/2019
Representatives from Service Rendered Inc.—including Bonnie Filker, Intern; Charlene Fu, Youth Board President; and Olivia Gramatzki, Event Planner—come together to discuss the upcoming event Arts So Wonderful hosted by Service Rendered...
With Bruce Wilson Executive Director - 11/28/2016
Bruce Wilson dicusses Service Rendered, a Vermont-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring youth and helping them to reach their goals, of which Wilson is the Executive Director. More information at:
Straight Talk Vermont - 02/29/2016
Executive Director Bruce Wilson, Service Rendered, speaks with interns Lindsay Buckle and Jessica Kearns. Straight Talk Vermont assists incarcerated individuals at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility and Chittenden Regional Correctional...
"VLAM!" Vermont Local Arts & Music - 06/24/2015
Service Rendered Youth Board President and Host, Esse Luna Maple, speaks with Tiffany Couture, about the Vermont Local Arts & Music program and performs a few songs. VLAM provides youth with opportunities to showcase their...
Girl Scout Leadership Program - 04/20/2015
EService Rendered Youth Board President Esse Luna, speaks with Amy Lothrop, Girl Scout Leader about her leadership program. For More Info Visit:
Straight Talk Vermont - 09/05/2014
Executive Director Bruce Wilson, Assistant Director Ashley Goff and 'Straight Talk Vermont' Coordinator Medagan Driscoll, share information on this program which works in the jails to help individuals with their goal and cognitive thinking...
Meet the Directors - 06/23/2014
Executive Director Bruce Wilson, Assistant Director Ashley Goff and Development/Technology Director Michael Gaffney, discuss Service Rendered history and upcoming events.
Education and Community - 01/31/2014
Host Kelsi Brett is joined by Dawn M. Ellis, President of Dawn M. Ellis & Associates.

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