Summer Camp 2013



Productions from the 2013 Community TV Summer Camp. Kids worked on a variety of camera and interview exercises, visited EandE tire, recorded interviews with each other and created a short narrative film to play with scripting and shot types.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-07-15
Format: 2019-07-15
Interviews with Campers - 07/19/2013
Communty TV Summer Campers wrap-up the week and share their thoughts on what they got out of a week with cameras, lights, studios and stop motion animation.
Criminal Fail - Narrative Video - 07/19/2013
Community TV Summer Campers wrote, directed, shot and edited this short narrative film to learn about cuts, shot types, the 180 rule and more.
On the Street Interviews about Global Warming - 07/19/2013
Do you believe in Global Warming?  Has it affected your life in any way? What are you doing to stop it?  Community TV Summer Campers ask questins of people on the streets of Burlington.
Scavenger Hunt Videos and Bluescreen - 07/18/2013
Communty TV Summer Campers are given a scavenger hunt to learn about shot types, special trick and effects, framing, bluescreen, question development and more.
A Visit to E and E Tire - 07/17/2013
Communty TV Summer Campers visit E and E Tire in Burlington to practice interview skills, telling a story and cutaway shots.
Stop Motion Animations - 07/16/2013
Communty TV Summer Campers create stop motion animations using coffee grounds, white boards, clay and figures.  

Featured Story

PEG TV Summer Study Committee Meets to Discuss Potential Funding Sources

On June 20th, Governor Phil Scott signed the Broadband Bill - now Act 79 of 2019 - in Dover, Vermont. This new law aims to expand access to broadband services and also includes a Study Committee that will consider issues related to the future availability and funding of Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access television.


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