Summer Camp 2016



This year summer camp was held in collaboration with the Burlington Afterschool Summer Program. Middle school students came together to learn about TV production, create stop motion animation, tell community stories and shoot their own short movie. Here are some examples of the work they created.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-08-14
Format: 2018-08-14
Missing Milk Case - Narrative Video - 07/22/2016
The community TV summer campers wrote, directed, and recorded this short narrative film in order to gain experience with video production and apply the techniques and skills they had been learning all throughout the week.
North Avenue Reconstruction - 07/20/2016
Middle school summer campers hit the streets to find out from the community about the new lanes on North Avenue, including an interview with Burlington Public Work's Transportation Planner.
Stop Motion Animations - 07/18/2016
Middle school summer campers create stop motion animations using figures, clay, whiteboard and markers, and coffee grounds.

Featured Story

City Hall Internship Program - Neighborhood Videography

The Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) in conjunction with Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is currently seeking a member of our community with an interest in learning more about video-taping, video editing, video publishing, community service, and local current affairs.


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