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True North Reports TV is a branch of an online communications service dedicated to fostering public debate over Vermont based issues from a free market perspective.

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Format: 2019-11-22
Format: 2019-11-22
Businesses Leaving - Troubling Signs in the Vermont Economy - 11/15/2019
Host Michael Bielawski and call-in guest Lou Varricchio discuss the direction of the Vermont economy. For more information:
Saving Small Schools & Rural Vermont - 10/18/2019
Host Michael Bielawski is joined on the phone by David Kelley, Lawyer and Education Activist, to discuss saving small schools and rural Vermont. For more information:
Crazy Taxes - 09/20/2019
Michael Bielawski interviews David Flemming, Policy Analyst for the Ethan Allen Institute, about the tax burden in Vermont and interstate migration. For more information:
Poor Reports for Vermont's Business Economy - 08/16/2019
Host Michael Bielawski is joined on the phone by Lou Varricchio to discuss the challenges of the business economy in Vermont.
Carbon Tax Fight 2020 Preview - 07/19/2019
Host Michael Bielawski talks with JT Dodge of West Newbury about No Carbon Tax Vermont, the status of energy policy in Vermont, and renewable energy mandates and carbon taxes and how they might impact the economy.
New Super-WiFi to Fry Vermont? - 06/21/2019
Annette Smith, of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, joins by phone host Michael Bielawski to discuss the new "Broadband Bill" signed by Governor Phil Scott. Critics are saying it's also a WiFi bill and the latest WiFi technology has...
Healthcare Freedom - 05/17/2019
Meg Hansen from Vermonters for Healthcare Freedom joins host Michael Bielawski as a call-in guest to discuss healthcare, specifically the health insurance mandate for Vermont.
More Carbon Madness - 03/15/2019
Host Michael Bielawski chats with David Flemming, Policy Analyst with the Ethan Allen Institute, about non-tax carbon reduction schemes and more.
The Legislative Session Halftime Report - 03/08/2019
Michael Bielawski, a writer for True North Reports, takes a look at the bills that made it through the halfway point of this legislative session. These include abortion, marijuana tax/regulation, and education reform. David Flemming, a policy...
Statehouse News - 01/18/2019
Host Michael Bielawski is joined by Guy Page, editor of State House Headliners, to discuss the latest in statehouse news.
Carbon Tax Impact Study - 09/21/2018
Host Michael Bielawski is joined by David Flemming, Policy Analyst for the Ethan Allen Institute to discuss the Carbon Tax and more.
Discussing the 2018 Primary Election - 08/17/2018
Michael Bielawski and Lou Varricchio take a look at the 2018 Primary Election results.
Marijuana & Elections 2018 - 07/23/2018
In this episode of True North Reports, host Michael Bielawski Speaks with Lou Varricchio about the upcoming Primary and General Elections and how the Legalization of marijuana in Vermont will play a part in it.  
Gun & Budget Showdown - 05/18/2018
Michael Bielawski is joined by Lou Varricchio over the phone and they discuss the gun and budget showdown in the Vermont Legislature.
Guns, Guns, and More Guns Part 2 - 04/20/2018
Michael Bielawski continues the discussion on guns and specifically delves into the three gun bills that Governor Phil Scott recently signed into law (S.55, H.422, and S.221) and the potential political fallout for Governor Scott because of...