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True North Reports TV is a branch of an online communications service dedicated to fostering public debate over Vermont based issues from a free market perspective.

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Format: 2018-01-19
Format: 2018-01-19
Educational Spending and Choice - 12/19/2014
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Executive Director of the Ethan Allen Institute Rob Roper, on the timely topic of education spending and choice.
Grubergate & Educational Choice - 11/21/2014
Host Robert Maynard host a conversatoin on 'Grubergate' and empowering parents through educatoinal choice, with Rob Roper of the Ethan Allen Institute.
War on Terrorism - 09/19/2014
Host Robert Maynard hosts this topical discussion.
Media's Watchdog Role - 07/18/2014
Host Robert Maynard hosts Bruce Parker, a reporter for on the media's role of being a watchdog on government. Prior to joining the organization Parker was a writer for a leading business publisher. His articles and case studies have...
21st Century Information Age Suited to Jeffersonian Ideals - 06/20/2014
Host Robert Maynard addresses the notion that the Jeffersonian ideas of individual liberty and limited government are a product of the 18th Century British socio-economic concerns and not relevant to an advanced 21st Century society.. www....
The Authoritarian Impulse - 05/16/2014
The notion that society could be run more efficiently if you put the "right people" in charge of the decision making process is explored by co-hosts Robert Maynard and Alex Darr. .
Combating Poverty - 04/18/2014
Co-hosts Robert Maynard and Alex Darr discuss a new educational video series that the Acton Institute produced called 'Poverty Cure: From Aid to Enterprise'.  The series explores an innovative approach to combating poverty.  more...
Single Payer as the Answer? - 01/17/2014
Host Robert Maynard introduces new co-host, Alex Darr, a reporter for True North Reports.  They discuss a look at a NYT Op-Ed by Michael Moore that criticized ObamaCare and touts Vermont's move towards single payer as the answer.   www...
Move Towards Single Payer? - 12/20/2013
Host Robert Maynard discusses the suggestion offered by some politicians, including Vermont Governor Shumlin, that the problems with the exchange roll out now leads them to believe in a greater need to move towards single payer system of health care...
The Libertarian Moment - 11/15/2013
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Shayne Spence, Intern with the Ethan Allen Institute on what some national writers have referred to as 'The Libertarian Moment'. That is the rise in popularity of libertarian ideas as people become more...
Darcie Johnston, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom - 10/18/2013
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Darcie Johnston, Director of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, on Vermont's Health Care Exchange.
Bill Sayre, Free Market Environmentalism - 09/20/2013
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Bill Sayre on Free Market Environmentalism. Mr. Sayre is chair of Associated Industries of Vermont, a partner in The A Johnson Co., past economist with the Federal Reserve.
Balancing Vermont's Left Leaning Shift - 08/16/2013
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Rob Roper, President of the Ethan Allen Institute, on the left leanings of the state and the role of conservatives/Republicans in balancing the trend.
Tayt Brooks, Vermonters First - 07/19/2013
Host Robert Maynard speaks with Vermonters First Director, Tayt Brooks on the taxes that did and did not get raised this past Legislative Session, and Vermonters First role in alerting the public as to what was planned.
Conservative Environmentalism - 05/17/2013
Host Robert Maynard is joined by Guy Page, Communications Director for the Vermont Energy Partnership.

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CCTV Welcomes New Board Chair Jason Pelletier

The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Board is pleased to announce election of Jason Pelletier as its newest President. Jason assumes Board leadership from Michael McNamara, longtime supporter of CCTV and Channel 17 producer who served as Board President from 2013.


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