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A series of programs produced by Margaret Harrington and Tessa Tallagnon on community work and life in Burlington, VT and the surrounding area.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-05-22
Format: 2018-05-22
Off the Wall Visits the Burlington Mayor's Office - 01/02/2018
Community Producer Margaret Harrington heads to Burlington's City Hall with Albert Petrarca, of Off the Wall Coalition, to find out how the Mayor will respond to the Church Street mural accusations of racism and white supremacy. Off the...
Cathy Mullen of Montreal Stylze - Free Haircuts - 12/15/2017
"A Visit With" catches up with Cathy Mullen, proprietor of Montreal Stylze about her holiday offer of free haircuts for those in need on Monday, December 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Produced by Margaret Harrington.
Trumpkin Smashing and Witch-In - 10/28/2017
Community Producer Margaret Harrington walks Church street with the witches protesting the presidency and policies of Donald Trump, ending with a pumpkin/trumpkin smashing at Burlington's City Hall.
Jane Austen in Vermont - 10/07/2017
Lost Nation Theater meets the Jane Austen Society of North America at the production of Sense and Sensibility. Lost Nation Theater professionals Kathleen Keenan and Kim Bent meet members of the Jane Austen Society of Vermont (JASNA-VT) Michelle...
The Champlain Senior Center - 08/09/2017
"A Visit With" attends a healthcare-focused forum held at the Champlain Senior Center and led by officials from Rights and Democracy and Senator Sanders' office. Produced by Tessa Tallagnon and Margaret Harrington.
242 Main at Memorial Hall - 08/09/2017
"A Visit With" talks to Jim Lockridge, of Big Heavy World, outside the back door of 242 Main's past all-ages music space, which has since shut down. Jim explains 242's legacy, how it closed, and where we can go from here. Produced...
Memorial Auditorium Tour - 08/09/2017
A Visit with Memorial Auditorium follows Martha Keenan of the Burlington Department of Public Works through the building as she points out existing conditions in the now closed structure. Memorial plaques in the lobby for the Vermont soldiers in WW1...
Act 48 Healthcare for Vermont - 08/02/2017
"A Visit With" talks to Jessica Early and Mary Gerisch about Act 48 and its effect on our healthcare system should it be fully implemented. Produced by Margaret Harrington and Tessa Tallagnon.
An Introduction to "A Visit With" - 08/01/2017
Tessa Tallagnon and Margaret Harrington discuss their ongoing series, "A Visit With," that provides a glimpse inside local community activist organizations. Watch the video series here: https://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/series/visit
Coalition for a Livable City - 07/11/2017
"A Visit With" meets with Coalition for a Livable City's members to talk about the Burlington Mall Project and what conscientious citizens have done to mediate the developer's plans as well as why the project was controversial in...
The You Are Loved Mural - 06/30/2017
"A Visit With" talks to Aimee Stearns, Victim Witness Coordinator for The U.S. District Attorney's Office for Vermont, about the newly installed "You Are Loved" mural commissioned by her office as well as drug and human trafficking impacts on...
The Workers' Center - 06/26/2017
"A Visit With" meets Kate Kanelstein, director of the Vermont Workers' Center, to talk about workers' rights and unions, and to give a tour of the center and what it provides to members. Special appearance by Workers' Center...
Susan Hartman at the Pride Center Vermont - 06/16/2017
An introductory conversation with Susan Hartman, director of the Pride Center of Vermont, formerly RU12. Susan discusses the upcoming Fun Run event, and the Vermont Pride March. Filmed and edited by Margaret Harrington and Tessa Tallagnon. For more...
Rights & Democracy Summer Kickoff - 06/16/2017
"A Visit With" has an evening with Rights & Democracy (RAD) for their summer launch party. Includes interviews with attendees and organizers to discuss the mission statement and values of RAD. Live music by Leatherbound Books. Filmed...

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