On the Waterfront


Melinda Moulton


Host Melinda Moulton sheds light through interviews, a variety of local organizations and people in the community.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-04-20
Format: 2021-04-20
The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington - 08/21/2019
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by Tanya Benoski, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, and Kylie deGroot, the Director of Development and Communications.
Vermont 4-H - 07/17/2019
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by Rose Garritano, 4-H Educator with the University of Vermont.
Inclusive Arts Vermont - 06/19/2019
Host Melinda Moulton chats with Katie Miller, the Development and Communications Director with Inclusive Arts Vermont. For more information, please visit: www.inclusiveartsvermont.org
Change The Story Vermont - 05/15/2019
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by Tiffany Bluemle from Change the Story VT, Cary Brown, Executive Director of the Vermont Commission on Women, and Jen Oldham, Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women. For more information: changethestoryvt...
Champlain Community Services - 04/17/2019
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by two staff from the Champlain Community Services: Michelle Paya, Director of Supported Employment Services, and Beth Sightler, Executive Director. Together, they talk about their work with CCS and the services...
Goodwill - 03/20/2019
Host Melinda Moulton chats with Rich Cantz and Karin Anderson from Goodwill of Northern New England about the work they do in the community and how their stores support that mission.
Putting the Health in Healthcare - 01/16/2019
Melinda Moulton hosts a discussion about putting the health into healthcare through a partnership between RiseVT and OneCare Vermont. Melinda sits down with Marissa Parisi of RiseVT (www.risevt.org) and Vicki Loner of OneCare Vermont (www....
Parks for All - 12/19/2018
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by Julia Wayne, volunteer; Cindi Wight, Burlington Parks Recreation and Waterfront (BPRW) Director; and Jon Adams-Kollitz, BPRW Parks Project Coordinator, to discuss the Oakledge for All accessible park project,...
Vermont Ibutwa Initiative Inc. - 09/19/2018
Melinda Moulton is joined by Cleophace Mukeba, Founder and Executive Director of the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative Inc., and Lily Mason, Outreach Coordinator. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/Ibutwa or www.Ibutwa.org
Vermont Works for Women - 08/15/2018
Melinda Moulton is joined by Jen Oldham, the Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women.
Hunger Free Vermont - 06/20/2018
Melinda Moulton chats with Anore Horton, Acting Executive Director of Hunger Free Vermont.
The Sara Holbrook Center - 05/16/2018
Melinda Moulton speaks with the Executive Director of the Sara Holbrook Center, Leisa Pollander, and the Associate Director Kathy Fleury.
Sail Away! Lake Champlain Sailing Center - 04/18/2018
Melinda Moulton interviews Owen Milne, Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Sailing Center, about his new position with the organization and about the Sailing Center's mission and goals.
Burlington Police Chief Del Pozo - 03/29/2018
Melinda Moulton interviews Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo and his journey from an officer in New York to the chief of the Burlington Police Department. Melinda also asks his opinions on current issues such as gun control. This is a special...
Vermont Chalky Paint - 01/17/2018
Melinda and guest Sarah Spencer explore Vermont Chalky Paint, a non-toxic paint that's Mined, Manufactured & Made in Vermont. For more information: VermontChalkyPaint.com