On the Waterfront


Melinda Moulton


Host Melinda Moulton sheds light through interviews, a variety of local organizations and people in the community.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-01-19
Format: 2018-01-19
Main Street Alliance Vermont - 07/15/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Lindsay DesLauriers, Executive Director of Main Street Alliance Vermont.  http://mainstreetalliance.org/vermont/
BREAKAWAY - An On-Line Game to End Violent Behavior Against Women & Girls - 06/17/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Professor Ann DeMarie, Associate Dean and Director of Champlain College's Emergent Media Center, and Jennifer Adrian, Creative Communication Coordinator at the Emergent Media Center regarding BREAKAWAY - An...
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Paul Burns of VPIRG - 05/20/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with guest Paul Burns, Executive Director of VPIRG. Paul Burns is VPIRG’s executive director, a position he’s held since 2001. VPIRG is Vermont’s largest nonprofit, consumer and environmental advocacy...
Vermont Fresh Network - 04/15/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Meghan Sheradin, Executive Director of Vermont Fresh Network.  More information: www.vermontfresh.net
Hunger Free Vermont - 03/17/2015
Host Melinda Moulton is joined by Marissa Parisi, MS, Executive Director of Hunger Free Vermont.  More info: www.hungerfreevt.org
Flynn Center for the Performing Arts - 02/18/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with John Killacky, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.  http://www.flynncenter.org/
Changing Perspectives - 01/21/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Sam Drazin, Director of Changing Perspectives. more information at: www.cpne.org Changing Perspectives is a registered 501c3 organization that was started to provide schools with a framework for improving disability...
Green Mountain Care - 01/07/2015
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Peter Sterling of Vermont Leads on the timely discussion of the financing package for single payer as well as the plans for cost sharing and benefit package, all to be proposed by the Governor by January 28th. www....
United Way of Chittenden County - 12/17/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Martha Maksym, Executive Director of the United Way of Chittenden County.
Laura Kate Winterbottom Memorial Fund - 11/19/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Ned Winterbottom, on the LKW Memorial Fund, what it is, what it signify's and how to get involved.  More information at:  www.lkwfund.org
Maggie Standley, Artist and Educator - 10/29/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Maggie Standley, Beauty Asset Acquisition Specialist and Owner/Wingspan Studio, Founder/Myrtle Street Avant Garden, Executive Director/Spread Your Wings! www.wingspanpaintingstudio.com, maggiestandley [at] gmail [dot...
Special Olympics Vermont - 09/17/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Lisa DeNatale, Executive Director of Special Olympics Vermont.
H.O.P.E. Works - 08/20/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Cathleen Barkley (Wilson), Executive Director of H.O.P.E. Works (ending sexual violence through Healing, Outreach, Prevention, and Empowerment) on their work in the community and on the issue.  More information...
The Wake Up To Dying Project - 07/16/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Erica Heilman, Story Producer of the The Wake Up To Dying Project, and Board Chair Julie Bond.  For more information:  http://www.wakeuptodyingproject.org/
Laura Mann Center - 06/18/2014
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Cara Feldman Hunt, Executive Director of the Center on the Integrative Health Network.  More information at: www.lauramanncenter.org

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CCTV Welcomes New Board Chair Jason Pelletier

The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Board is pleased to announce election of Jason Pelletier as its newest President. Jason assumes Board leadership from Michael McNamara, longtime supporter of CCTV and Channel 17 producer who served as Board President from 2013.


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