On the Waterfront


Melinda Moulton


Host Melinda Moulton sheds light through interviews, a variety of local organizations and people in the community.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-01-28
Format: 2020-01-28
Puppets in Education - 08/18/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts members of Puppets in Education who tour the state with educational programs including Kids on the Block-Vermont & Friend 2 Friend Programs-Vermont.
Michael Wood-Lewis, Front Porch Forum - 07/21/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts Michael Wood-Lewis, co-founder of Front Porch Forum.
Spectrum Youth and Family Services - 06/16/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts Mark Redmond, Executive Director of www.spectrumvt.org/home/Spectrum Youth and Family Services.
Children's Literacy Foundation - 05/19/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts, Duncan McDougall, Joanne Heidkamp from the Children's Literacy Foundation, along with Tracey Campbell Pearson, Author and Illustrator, on the work of this statewide organization.
Spielpalast Cabaret Show Preview - 05/04/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts members of the Spielpalast Cabaret Show.
Vermont Migrant Farmworkers - 04/21/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts Sam Mayfield, Videographer, and Brendan O'neill, Coordinator for Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project, on the issues surrounding migrant farmwork.
Vermont Sustainable Currency Project - 03/17/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts Amy Kirshner, President of the Vermont Sustainable Currency Project.
Burlington Boys and Girls Club - 02/17/2010
Melinda Moulton hosts Executive Director Mary Alice McKenzie and Development Director Nancy Cathcart of the Burlington Boys and Girls Club.
Dottie Schnure, Green Mountain Power - 12/16/2009
Melinda Moulton talks with Dottie Schnure, Green Mountain Power.
ReSource - A Nonprofit Community Enterprise - 11/18/2009
Melinda Moulton is joined by Tom Longstreth, Executive Director of ReSource, formerly known as Recycle North.
Rising Incidence of Autism - 10/21/2009
Melinda Moulton hosts this half hour show. Tonights discussion is with Josh Riggs, parent of an autistic child. They will discuss the rising incidence of Autism.
Vermont Rail Action Network - 09/16/2009
Melinda Moulton hosts this half hour show. Today's guest is Chris PArker from Vermont Rail Action Network.
Champlain Housing Trust - 08/19/2009
Melinda Moulton hosts this half hour show. Today's guest is Brenda Thorpy from Champlain Housing Trust.
Greater Burlington YMCA - 07/15/2009
Melinda Moulton talks with Mary Burns about the Greater Burlington YMCA.