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Format: 2022-01-22
Format: 2022-01-22
Peter Lackowski in Venezuela - 05/03/2019
Host Sandy Baird is joined by Kurt Mehta, Marc Estrin, and Ian Stokes to discuss current events in Venezuela and to hear from Peter Lackowski, who is calling in from Caracas. Pete Seeger concert shown at end.
April Fools - 04/05/2019
Sandy Baird is joined by Kurt Mehta, Ian Stokes, and Marc Estrin to discuss the current situation of Julian Assange.
Venezuela with Peter Lackowski - 02/22/2019
Sandy Baird hosts Ian Stokes, a retired scientist; Kurt Mehta, a local lawyer; and Peter Lackowski, a frequent traveler of Venezuela. They discuss the history and politics of the country.
What's Happening in Venezuela? - 02/01/2019
Sandy Baird hosts Ian Stokes and Marc Estrin to discuss what is happening politically in Venezuela as well as the United State's history with Latin America and Russia.
Constitutional Crisis? - 01/04/2019
Sandy Baird sits down with Retired Scientist Ian Stokes and Activist Marc Estrin to discuss the current status of the government shutdown, President Trump's intentions for the border wall following a recent press conference, and the upcoming...
The State of the World - 11/30/2018
Sandy Baird sits down with Ian Stokes, Marc Estrin, and Peter Garritano to discuss various current topics including Democratic control of Congress, warfare, international relations, and electric cars.
Hibakusha Stories and More - 09/14/2018
Host Sandy Baird sits down with Robin Lloyd to talk about an event featuring testimonies of atomic bomb survivors and today's nuclear weapons. This event is put on by the Burlington Chapter of the Women's International League for Peace and...
Climate Change and Border Rights - 08/03/2018
Sandy Baird sits down with Ian Stokes, Pete Garritano, and Marc Estrin to discuss climate change and the recent effects of President Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy on the world.
Summer Camps - 07/06/2018
Sandy Baird and Guests Ian Stokes, Marc Estrin and Pete Pete Garritano discuss the lastest Tump Policies and their implications for Amercian citizens.
Diplomacy - On Again, Off Again - 06/08/2018
Sandy Baird talks with activists Ian Stokes and Pete Garritano and local attorney Kurt Mehta about the state of the world. They discuss foreign policy, Anthony Bourdain's suicide, pardoning, President Trump, and other topics.
Welcome to the Shithole Country - 05/11/2018
Sandy Baird, Kurt Mehta, Marc Estrin and Pete Garritano discuss current events and the meaning of the term "shithole country" and whom the term applies to.
Syria and Palestine - 04/13/2018
Sandy Baird announces 2018's Vermont Peace Conference and then is joined by Kurt Mehta and Ian Stokes to discuss war and foreign policy regarding Syria and Palestine. The Vermont Peace Conference is slated for May 12, 2018, and is...
War and Peace, Crime and Punishment - 03/09/2018
Sandy Baird, Marc Estrin, and Ian Stokes discuss current events: the changing assumptions about the second amendment, the proposed American trade tariffs, and the prospect of international war.
The Nunes Memo and an Organic View on Current Events - 02/02/2018
Sandy Baird, Marc Estrin, Kurt Mehta and Ian Stokes discuss current politics, immigration, the middle east and the possibility of Vermont's building a private prison system.
Jerusalem Today - 01/05/2018
In a continuation of the previous episode, Sandy Baird, Ian Stokes, and Marc Estrin discuss the Israeli nation occupying Palestine and the December 2017 controversial relocation of the United States embassy to the city of Jerusalem.