Winooski Live!



This show is hosted by James Lafaye. Video is provided by Dan Higgins.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2018-02-17
Format: 2018-02-17
Winooski in the 1980's - 03/01/2008
The video explores the impact on local residents, businesses, and on social life following processes of urban renewal in the 1970s and subsequent gentrification.
Community Center & Doing Business - 01/25/2008
This month’s on-site video segment includes: construction footage and a walking tour of the future Winooski Community Center, preparation of a remedial herbal tea, a look inside Winooski’s new pack and ship center, a demonstration of cardboard sled-...
Winooski Live! July Show - 06/29/2007
#3   June ‘07 1. Memorial Day paraders 2. Pam Delage on history of Chick’s Market 3. Keen’s Crossing: the crew prepares gifts for new tenants 4. Scott Gordon: biodiesel manufacturing 5. A tour of the Teen Underground 6. Nate Cloutier on...
Winooski Live! June Show - 05/29/2007
#2   May ‘07 1. Intro: Green-up Day rakers 2. Jeff Turner, parking ordinance enforcer 3. VSAC employees give a tour of public facilities 4. Fire fighters burn down a house on Abenaki Way 5. Fleming Museum Exhibit, Winooski segment, ...
Winooski Live! May Show - 04/20/2007
                #1   April ’07 1. Driving into the Winooski roundabout 2. Blue Star Cafe: cappuccino creating and coffee roasting 3. River walk and salmon transport...

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Federal Judge Grants VT Access Network Status in Comcast Case Against the Public Utility Commission

Judge Geoffrey Crawford of the U.S. District Court has granted Vermont Access Network (VAN) intervenor status in Comcast’s challenge to the Vermont Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) Docket 8301 Order that put specific conditions on Comcast’s continued operation in Vermont.


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