Winooski Live!



This show is hosted by James Lafaye. Video is provided by Dan Higgins.

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Format: 2018-05-24
Format: 2018-05-24
Winooski in the 1980's - 03/01/2008
The video explores the impact on local residents, businesses, and on social life following processes of urban renewal in the 1970s and subsequent gentrification.
Community Center & Doing Business - 01/25/2008
This month’s on-site video segment includes: construction footage and a walking tour of the future Winooski Community Center, preparation of a remedial herbal tea, a look inside Winooski’s new pack and ship center, a demonstration of cardboard sled-...
Winooski Live! July Show - 06/29/2007
#3   June ‘07 1. Memorial Day paraders 2. Pam Delage on history of Chick’s Market 3. Keen’s Crossing: the crew prepares gifts for new tenants 4. Scott Gordon: biodiesel manufacturing 5. A tour of the Teen Underground 6. Nate Cloutier on...
Winooski Live! June Show - 05/29/2007
#2   May ‘07 1. Intro: Green-up Day rakers 2. Jeff Turner, parking ordinance enforcer 3. VSAC employees give a tour of public facilities 4. Fire fighters burn down a house on Abenaki Way 5. Fleming Museum Exhibit, Winooski segment, ...
Winooski Live! May Show - 04/20/2007
                #1   April ’07 1. Driving into the Winooski roundabout 2. Blue Star Cafe: cappuccino creating and coffee roasting 3. River walk and salmon transport...

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Job Posting: Video Support Engineer at CCTV/Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television

CCTV is looking for a creative problem solver with hands on experience in video engineering and desk top support to provide technical services to CCTV & Town Meeting Television. The Video Engineer works with the Systems Engineer to run our current multi-media operations and deliver local public affairs media in a post-cable world. The successful candidate will have strong skills and experience managing business information technology functions including some MySQL/MariaDB database administration, financial systems, CRM, desktop support, website CMS troubleshooting and maintenance, Google Apps administration, telephone and video conferencing.


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