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Winooski officials and community share insights into the events and issues happening in the City of Winooski.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-01-17
Format: 2019-01-17
Peace Initiative - 01/24/2017
Mayor Seth Leonard speaks with Sister Patricia McKittrick, of the UVM Medical Center, to discuss an emerging "Peace Initiative" in Winooski. For more information: or Follow on Facebook
Community and Economic Development - 11/22/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard speaks with Heather Carrington, the City's Community and Economic Development Officer. For more information: or Follow on Facebook
Winooski Girl Scouts Troop 30167 - 09/28/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard speaks with Winooski Girl Scouts Troop Leaders Sarah McGowan-Freije and Kristen Ryan and Winooski Girl Scouts Troop 30167: Emily F., Abby, Ellie, Olivia, Aubree, Kathryn, and Emily B. For more information: ...
City Manager Replacement Process Overview and Summer Project Updates - 07/26/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard speaks on the City Manager hiring process, Interim appointment, downtown redesignation, and ongoing summer work project updates.  For more information: or Follow on Facebook
Public Works Summer Project - 06/30/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard talks with Public Works Director Peter Wernsdorfer about Winooski Public Works Summer Projects. For more information: or Follow on Facebook
11th Annual French Heritage Day Festival - 05/24/2016
Steve Norman from the French Heritage Festival and Organizer at the Winooski Historical Society, French Heritage Day Promoters, speaks with Rita Martel, President of the Winooski Historical Society, and Sheila Morris,...
Waking Windows - 04/26/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard discusses Waking Windows, Winooski's downtown Music Festival, with Paddy Reagan, Angioplasty Media/Festival Organizer, Brian Nagel, DJ Disco Phantom/Festival Organizer, and Ali Fogel, Monkey House/Festival Organizer....
Commission Work Plan Activity - 02/23/2016
Mayor Seth Leonard, after a brief budget overview, welcomes City Manager Deac Decarreau in a conversation on the Commission Work Plan Activity. For more information: or Follow on Facebook
Myers Memorial Pool - City Updates - 01/26/2016
Winooski Public Works Operations Director Joe Shaw joins Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard in a discussion on the current condition of Myers Memorial Pool. For more information:  or Follow on Facebook
News from Winooski - 12/22/2015
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard shares updates on new City ordinances, new zoning and charter changes, as well as the continuing 2016 budget work.  He is then joined by State Representative Clem Bissonnette (D-Chitt 6-7) with a preview of the...
Small Business Saturday and Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program - 11/24/2015
Host and Mayor Seth Leonard highlights the upcoming Small Business Saturday on November 28th. He then speaks with Amila Merdzanovic, Director of Vermont Field Office, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. For more information on the Refugee...
Budget Process - Winooski Community Partnership - 10/27/2015
Mayor Seth Leonard previews the Winooski Budget Process along with City updates, followed by a conversation with Winooski Community Partnership Board President Sarah Sears, and WCP Program Director Maura O'Neill, on the work of WCP, summer...
Planning and Zoning - Winooski Food Shelf - 09/22/2015
Mayor Seth Leonard is joined by members of the Winooski Planning Commission (Chair Tommie Murry and Commission Member Michael O'Brien) to discuss the Commission's work on Form Based Code, the Municipal Plan, and updating Winooski's...
Community Coalition - Dollars for Scholars - 08/25/2015
Mayor Seth Leonard provides a city update and welcomes Kate Nugent, Director of The Winooski Coalition for Safe & Peaceful Community and Julian Portilla, Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies speaking on community-based efforts to reduce opiate...
City Update, Winooski Farmers Market and the shift to a Community Parks and Recreation Model - 07/28/2015
Winooski City Mayor and host Seth Leonard speaks with Charlotte Roozekrans, Manager of the Winooski Farmers Market. Charlotte will give an update on how the market is progressing in 2015, along with some of the unique and innovative programming for...

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Vermont Attorney General Posts Privacy Protection Recommendations

The Vermont General Assembly has asked the Attorney General, in consultation with the Public Service Department, to make recommendations on the adoption of regulations concerning telecommunications privacy, the designation of a Chief Privacy Officer, and whether to regulate businesses that handle the data of consumers with whom they have a direct relationship. Read the report.


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