Yestermorrow Summer Lecture Series



Yestermorrow is pleased to announce the 10th Annual Summer Lecture Series starting Wednesday, June 24th and continuing Wednesday evenings at 7pm through the end of August. The lecture series features a wide range of professionals related to the field of design/build speaking on topics as diverse as clean energy technology, compost, furnituremaking, real estate development, energy efficiency, natural building and much more. For a full lineup of speakers and topics can be found at:

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-08-19
Format: 2019-08-19
Buzz Ferver - Beyond Compost - 08/19/2009
Part of the Yestermorrow Summer Lecture Series.
Melinda Moulton: Redevelopment of Burlington's Waterfront - A 25-Year Journey of Green and Social Design & Construction - 08/12/2009
Melinda Moulton, the CEO/Redeveloper of Main Street Landing, will share with you her 25-year journey creating a healthy, vibrant, and socially conscious environment on the Burlington Waterfront. From developing a "team approach to design,...
Li Ling Young - Beyond Energy Efficiency - 08/05/2009
You’ve replaced all your lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, insulated your water heater and sealed air leaks in the basement. What’s next? Hear about the leading edge of energy efficiency. You’ll be invited to think about your next steps to...
Dan Reicher - The Power of Information in a Clean Energy Economy - 07/29/2009
Dan talks about the current state of play in energy and climate technology, policy and investment. He discuss' Google's increasing focus in the energy world and the critical role of Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon including the massive...

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