Essex Planning Commission 11/10/2016

Essex Selectboard 11/07/2016

Essex Planning Commission 11/03/2016

Essex Selectboard 10/17/2016

Essex Selectboard 10/03/2016

Essex Planning Commission 09/22/2016

Essex Selectboard 09/12/2016

Essex Planning Commission 09/08/2016

Essex Selectboard 08/29/2016

Essex Selectboard 08/15/2016

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Greg Epler Wood Letter to the FCC regarding potential changes to the cable act

PEG Access has had to rely on strictly cable television revenues for its existence over the decades, but at the same time the cable industry has successfully avoided its franchise fee and PEG Access obligations by migrating its commercial programming over to broadband. This in spite of the fact that it has been using the same public rights of way for the same cables, fibers and vehicles to carry the same electronic information it always has for half a century.


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