Vermont State House - Homeless Assistance 01/16/2019

Mr. Scammer - Welcomes Guests from the VT Office of the Attorney General Part 2 01/16/2019

Vermont State House House - Clean Water Initiative 01/16/2019

Vermont State House - Homeless Awareness Day Rally 01/16/2019

A.I. Task Force - Medical, Healthcare, and Insurance 01/15/2019

Racism in America: Us and Them - To What Extent Do We Identify with the Norm or the Abnormal? 01/15/2019

Vermont State House - House Comm. on Government Operations 01/15/2019

All Things LGBTQ - Senator Becca Balint 01/15/2019

Vermont State House - Act 46 and Education Funding 01/15/2019

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