The Demise of the News Media…and Why That Matters - Barrie Dunsmore 03/22/2012

Barrie Dunsmore presents a public lecture titled, “The Demise of the News Media…and Why That Matters.” The event, is part of the UVM Political Science Department’s Mark L. Rosen Lecture Series. Dunsmore covered foreign affairs for ABC News for thirty years, reporting from Washington and abroad on the policies of seven U.S. Presidents from Johnson to Clinton. He traveled with them all overseas and was a regular on the planes of their Secretaries of State. From 1965-95 he reported from more than one hundred countries on virtually every major international event from wars to summits to diplomatic shuttles.  Dunsmore is the author of There and Back, a collection of columns on Middle East policy, superpower strategies and controversial domestic issues. He is a regular commentator on VPR and a columnist for the Rutland Herald. 

Governor Peter Shumlin: Press Conference 03/15/2012

My Web Grocer Grand Opening with Governor Shumlin, Rich Tarrant Jr., Mayor Michael O'Brien, Katherine R. Decarreau  and more.

Governor Peter Shumlin: Press Conference 02/01/2012

Governor Shumlin's press conference.

Local Media Show: Occupy History: Newsreel Collective 01/03/2012

Roz Payne, Archivist and John Douglas, Filmmaker and co-founder of the Newsreel Collective discuss the role of alternative media during the public uprisings of the 1960's and 1970's against the Viet Nam War and in support of economic justice. They discuss the current Occupy movement(s) and reflect on how history repeats itself as long as capitalism remains the dominant economic order.

On the Waterfront: Joe Solomon, 12/21/2011

Hosted by Melinda Moulton, Joe Solomon, Social Media Coordinator with

CCTV's Annual Holiday Party 12/15/2011

Channel 17/CCTV Annual Holiday Party.

Greg Palast: Why We Occupy: How Wall Street Picks the Bones of America 12/12/2011

Greg Palast, the BBC investigative reporter who busted open the theft of the election in Florida, is back with a new book, Vultures' Picnic, an investigation of The One Percent. From his four-continent sleuthing, he exposes the high-finance carnivores and petroleum pigs, the movers and shakers who move and shake us. Weird, eye-opening, funny, sick and insanely informative ... it's WHY we occupy. Download the first chapter free ––and check out the uncover films that go with the book––at . Warm up Act: Trailer screening of Sam Mayfield's forthcoming documentary: Gentle Uprising in Wisconsin. All are welcome. Donations appreciated. For more info. email

Fair Game - Shay Totten Looks Back 12/09/2011

Journalist Shay Totten speaks with Lauren-Glenn Davitian on his time as 7Days columnist and reporter.

Local Media Show: Gordon Glover, Burlington College and Jonathan Ferguson, Champlain College 12/06/2011

With new, more participatory technologies, the line between consumer and producer is blurring. To be truly media literate now also means to be production literate. Gordon Glover runs Burlington's College's Cinema Studies & Film Production program along with Champlain College Gaming Development Instructor Jonathan Ferguson, share insights into these emerging programs and the challenges facing their students, digital natives, as they learn to navigate our media rich world with a critical eye. 

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