Vermont Access Network (VAN): Independent Media Conversation 07/12/2011

Vermont professionals from various sectors of the media world met on July 12, 2011 in this informal discussion to share ideas and generate new initiatives with a mind toward collaboration for the common good. Areas for discussion revolved around Independence: what are the strengths of "indy" media in Vermont; Community: how can independent media assist Vermonters in building and maintaining community links; Collaboration: how do we support each other as independent media? These and other questions were addressed in "fluid" breakouts following which participants reached consensus among and between the groups and made a plan of action for the future.

Local Media Show: Frederick Lane, Author, Cybertraps for the Young 07/05/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with Frederick S. Lane, Author of 'Cyerbertraps for the Young'. This groundbreaking book looks at the issue of child safety online from a unique perspective -- the legal consequences that children can face as a result of the use and misuse of electronic devices. It is intended to educate parents, teachers, and school administrators about those risks, and to offer practical suggestions for minimizing the likelihood that children will stumble into one or more of the myriad pitfalls that lurk online.

The American Red Cross Appeal for Flood Victims 06/01/2011

Larry Crist from American Red Cross discusses how to donate to help recent flood victims of Lake Champlain.

Common Good Vermont: A Quick Look at the Future of Media 05/09/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with futurist Steve Shepard of Shepard Communications Group, on where new media technologies might take us. 

Local Media Show: Media Coverage of Nuclear Energy 05/03/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with Fairewinds Associates Nuclear Engineer, Arnie Gundersen, on media coverage of nuclear energy.

Local Media Show: Public Access to Government Record - Allen Gilbert, ACLU-Vermont 04/05/2011

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with ACLU-Vermont Executive Director Allen Gilbert on Legislative initiatives addressing 'Public Access to Goverment Records'.

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: Vermont Workers' Center Health Care is a Human Right- Universality 03/25/2011

PSA promoting Vermont Workers' Center Health Care is a Human Right Campaign.

Media Maven: Catch the Wave: The Latest in Nonprofit Technology 03/24/2011

Part of the continuing series of Media Maven Lunches.

Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian, shares insights from the 2011 NTEN Conference in Washington, D.C..

Do you have a communications plan? If so, do you use it? Is there more you can do to increase your visibility and make a difference? Jump start your marketing and outreach work with this month's Media Maven.Andrea Learned, co-author of Don’t Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy – and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market (AMACOM, 2004), will give some marketing tips. Andrea is an internationally respected gender marketing expert, speaker and writer. While she focuses on women as the leading indicators of consumer behavior, she also emphasizes that 21st Century men are starting to travel similar buying paths. Andrea believes that storytelling and cause marketing are key ways to present a brand’s facts and attributes to today’s consumer – no gender about it. Andrea contributes to a wide range of publications/blogs, including,,,, and - where she presents her most current analysis of consumer/cultural shifts and marketing best practices. She presents regularly to global business audiences, and her opinions have been cited in publications from Adweek to the Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times. Andrea has a B.A from the University of Michigan, and resides in Burlington, Vermont. Find her at: , or on Twitter: @AndreaLearned. Join us for 90 minutes of stimulating talk and a good lunch (for only 5 bucks). Maybe you'll think-- "we should become members of CCTV!" (We'd love that!)
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