Applications Now Open for the Winter/Spring 2024 Cohort of the Neighborhood Community Media Internship Program at Town Meeting TV

December 04, 2023

Town Meeting TV is excited to announce that applications are now open for the Winter/Spring 2024 cohort of the Neighborhood Community Media Internship program. Join 8 other youth to engage in interesting media making projects!


This paid media internship opportunity is designed for youth aged 16-22 who are eager to gain professional experience in the audio-visual field and develop a deeper understanding of their local community. 5 of these spots are specifically for students who are part of the Burlington My Brother's Keeper/My Sister's Keeper programs.


The group will meet under the leadership of Town Meeting TV's Travis Washington from the beginning of January 2024 to the end of May 2024, on a schedule agreed upon by the whole cohort.


Apply here:


As part of the 2024 cohort, interns will have the opportunity to gain the following benefits and achieve learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of local community current affairs: Interns will be immersed in local community issues and gain a comprehensive understanding of current affairs in Burlington.

  • Develop professional experience in videotaping and the broader audio-visual field: Interns will receive hands-on training in videography and gain practical skills in the audio-visual industry.

  • Experience a public, professional environment: Interns will have the unique opportunity to work in a public, professional environment, gaining exposure to the dynamics of the media industry and beyond.

  • Enhance media literacy and understanding: Interns will develop critical media literacy skills, enabling them to navigate and analyze media content effectively.

  • Cultivate a racial and social justice equity lens: The program aims to instill an understanding of racial and social justice, empowering interns to view media through an equitable lens.

  • Improve overall communication skills: Interns will hone their communication skills through the creation of media.

  • Connect with Burlington community and professional leaders: Interns will have opportunities to speak with and interview leaders and professionals in the Burlington community.

  • Earn educational internship or volunteer credits: Participants may be eligible to earn educational internship or volunteer credits through their participation in the program.

  • $500 stipend available: A stipend of $250 will be provided to interns over the course of the program, acknowledging their dedication and hard work.

This project has been made possible through the generous support of private donors who recognize the importance of providing opportunities for youth in media and community engagement.

For more information, please contact Meghan O'Rourke at morourke [at] cctv [dot] org or call 802-862-3966 ext. 116. 


Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications at the earliest opportunity, as limited spots are available. Apply here: